Kamala Harris is shipping ‘joyful warrior’ stickers for free across America

The 2020 presidential hopeful introduced the term to Americans last year on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

In the spring of 2018, Sen. Kamala Harris appeared on celebrity TV host Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Even though the California senator hadn’t announced her intentions to run for 2020 presidential elections back then, she did speak fervently about her activism and the need for various reforms in America.

On The Ellen Show, Harris also introduced the term “joyful warrior,” while talking about how she intends to fight all the negativity and rhetoric. “We have to be joyful warriors,” Harris said. “I decided at the end of last year, there was so much that was creating anxiety, depression and anger. And I thought I am done with that. And let’s be joyful warriors.”

This was not the first time, the first-ever Indian American and African American woman senator had used the term. Earlier in January of last year, Harris, while addressing a group of Dreamers, in Washington, DC, remarked, “This year, I am going to be a joyful warrior.” The term immediately drew widespread applause and loud cheers. Since then, it has stuck.

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No surprise then that Harris has decided to leverage the term for the most important campaign of her lifetime. On her Instagram yesterday, Harris posted a video link of her interview with Ellen, where the talk show host expresses her fondness for the term.

And to accentuate the power of the coinage, Harris is inviting everyone who would like to support her to endorse the term “joyful warrior” to just fill in their details such as name and address on her website to grab a free “joyful warrior” sticker. The stickers will be shipped free of cost all across America, to anyone who signs up for it.

Harris, who could be on her way to create history, not just as the first woman president of the United States but also as the first person of an Indian heritage to hold the most important office in the country, was earlier this week endorsed by Indian American Impact Fund, an organization aimed at supporting candidates who reflect community’s values.


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