Hunt still on for the killer in Sikh quadruple murder case in Ohio

West Chester quadruple murder
The West Chester Township, OH, apartment building where the murder took place. Image via Google

Four members of a family were found dead inside their house West Chester Township, Ohio, last week.

The Sikh community in West Chester Township, Ohio, is still awaiting answers on who could have possibly killed four members of a Sikh family at their home last week.

The police are still continuing their investigations and even though the authorities have ruled out reasons such as hate crime, robbery or murder-suicide, there has been no update on where the investigations may be leading.

Four members of Sikh family – Hakikat Singh Panag, his wife Paramjit Kaur, their daughter Shalinderjit Kaur and the visiting relative from India Amarjit Kaur – were found dead inside their house.

The deceased had gunshot wounds when another family member and Hakikat Singh’s son returned home and found the family in lying dead.

The family is awaiting police investigations and has no clue on what could have possibly triggered this cold-blooded murder.

The family also is very well-known among the Sikh community and Gurudwara members. They were actively involved in social and religious activities within the community and no one has raised any finger on any possible lead or trigger in the case.

The family members enjoyed good reputation in the neighborhood and no information on anyone reporting anything unforeseen has been found. The circumstances make the case even more confounding.

According to local media outlet, West Chester Police Chief Joel Herzogvisited the Sikh temple on Sunday to show solidarity and reiterate the department’s commitment to finding the killer.

It said the police have not shared much about what they know. Body camera videos show the officers arriving at the scene. Searchers pulled what appeared to be a gun from a nearby pond. On Friday, authorities executed a search warrant at another West Chester apartment.

It may be likely that some perspective would come into the case in the coming days as the police continue their manhunt.

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