Priyanka Chopra joins global skin care brand Obagi, talks about diversity in beauty

Chopra will be leading Obagi’s initiative “Skinclusion” aimed at highlighting cultural diversity in the beauty space.

When it comes to bringing diversity the US entertainment history, Priyanka Chopra has a great track record.

The Bollywood star and now a popular American entertainer now joins hands with global skin care brand Obagi. Chopra will be the face of brand’s new initiative Skinclusion that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

The Long Beach, California,-based brand Obagi is a leading name in physician dispensed skin care products. On Wednesday, the brand announced the launch of Skinclusion and Chopra, who is the face of the initiative, is seen in a short video talking about inclusion.

In a statement released for the launch, Priyanka Chopra said: “The Skinclusion initiative is very close to my heart because it aligns with my values and personal experience. The initiative supports the idea that we should be more conscious about everything we do, including how we address the automatic assumptions we make about others based on their skin tone. We all have unconscious bias, and it’s up to all of us to recognize it and be the change we want to see in the world.”

Obagi’s initiative is particularly timely as inclusion and diversity is the growing debate across the world and particularly in America, given the spike in racial bias cases.

Obagi says that the company developed this important initiative to focus on the need for people around the world to be fully inclusive and to recognize our own unconscious biases, specifically surrounding skin tone. Unconscious biases are attitudes and stereotypes that are largely unintentional, automatic and outside of our awareness. Unconscious biases can cause “blind spots” that prevent us from seeing the beautiful humanity we all share. Recognizing our own bias may allow us to challenge it, overcome it and ultimately, create a world where diversity is celebrated.

The dialogue about diversity in the beauty industry has been brewing for some time now. In the recent past, many big brands including reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s beauty products that were criticized for their myopic approach towards varying skin tones.

Chopra, a global star who has already being breaking grounds in the fashion space, is definitely a good choice to bring forth the message in the beauty space.

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