Ramadan Mubarak: From crescent Ramadan trees to Kaaba lanterns, deck up your home for the fasting season

Inspired by the trend of holiday décor in America, many Muslim entrepreneurs have launched Ramadan decorations.

Arbab Rizvi, an IT consultant from Toronto, Canada, was always fascinated by the thoughtful holiday decoration available in North America for Halloween and Christmas. Though his family celebrated Ramadan and Eid with great vigor, while growing up, he was disappointed, as he found no decorations themed around Muslim festivals.

“After I shifted base to California, for my job, I always wanted to start a small set-up providing Muslim themed décor for the festivals,” he said.

After finding stability in his job, last year he set up a small business, The Muslim Kit, an online platform that ships Islamic décor, Ramadan planners and Muslim faith inspiring gifts for kids.

Rizvi is not the only one who realized this gaping demand in the growing market for Islamic themed décor. A growing number of Muslim entrepreneurs have in the recent past launched an array of boutique collection offering interesting products such as a Ramadan tree or Ramadan almanac.

If you, too, are celebrating the holy month of fasting and would like your home to reflect the joy, you could check out some interesting options available across Americas:

The Muslim Kit: Sacramento, California, -based business set up just a few months ago. Its USP remains engaging Muslim women artists for calligraphy decoration. Founder Rizvi says, “We are able to provide these talented women a vocation while also manufacturing excellent pieces for our discerning Muslim clientele. The products are shipped across the world and their best sellers to check out this Ramadan are – Ramadan planner (a journal that makes all your planning preceding Eid, easy) and Ramadan activity book for kids, which is very popular among Muslim moms.

For more, check out: www.themuslimkit.com

Iftar Treat Box: Those of us who have grown up in America may be familiar with the advent calendar. Just as the advent calendar engages kids to the approaching Christmas, Iftar Treat Box has launched a Ramadan Countdown Calendar. Baltimore mom Fauzia Vandermeer was inspired by her kids to create products that make them feel represented. The cool treat box is an engaging way to get kids interested in the 30 days countdown to Eid. The box comes with 30 neat compartments with a verse and a treat hidden behind each as the kids open and count days till Eid.

For more, check out: www.iftartreatbox.com

Eidway: Two Muslim sisters from Ohio were inspired by a mission to teach their kids about their religious holidays. For the past many years, it has been designing Muslim holiday themed products. Every year, Eidway launches its catalog ahead of Ramadan that can be requested to be shipped free across the United States. The products range from Ramadan Mubarak signages, Kaaba lanterns, fun Ramadan calendars for kids to candles and cookies.

For more, check out: www.eidway.com

Modern Wall Art: The unique family operated business located in Chicago creates everything from wall décor to custom made products with calligraphy and Islamic verses. For the Ramadan season, it has launched Ramadan Dua Booklet that contains a list of duas. Modern Wall Art also has Ramadan table décor and Ramadan cake toppers and everything in between. It ships in the US and outside, too.

For more, check out: www.modernwallarts.com

The Eid Shop: Inspired by the Christmas tree, Michigan-based Susie Jaber creates trees to celebrate Muslim festivals such as Ramadan, Eid and prophet’s birthday. Jaber began creating crescent shaped trees that symbolize her faith. She also makes beautiful tabletops, lanterns and tree decorations with Arabic verses on it. With her splendid Ramadan and eid décor, you won’t mind having the holidays all year round in your home.

For more, check out: www.instagram.com/the_eid_shop/


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