Sikh community upset over Gucci turbans retailed at Nordstrom

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The Gucci turban, priced at a whopping $790, is seen as as cultural misappropriation.

Popular luxury chain Nordstrom has a new fashion accessory on its racks. But unlike the chain’s other Spring showcases, the new style gear is gaining more wrath that wows.

The Sikh community is not too pleased about the turbans by luxury fashion label Gucci that hit the racks at Nordstrom recently. The product, called the Indy Full Turban, comes at a whopping price of $790. It is described on the store’s website as “A gorgeously crafted turban is ready to turn heads while keeping you in comfort as well as trademark style.”

The product also comes in many colors, including bright blue and other variants such as floral jacquard design.

As soon as the products were noticed by the community, there was a sense of cultural misappropriation.

A turban is among one of the most significant symbols of the Sikh faith. The headgear, also known as dastar, or pagri in regional Punjabi, is considered mandatory to wear by all practicing Sikhs. Considered a unique part of the Sikh identity, the turban is associated with self-respect, piety and honor. Sikhs take great pride in their turbans and the headgear is never treated like an accessory of choice.

When the Gucci turbans retailed at Nordstrom came to its notice, the Sikh Coalition, a civil rights organization, tweeted on its official Twitter page: “The turban is not just an accessory to monetize; it’s a religious article of faith that millions of Sikhs view as sacred. Many find this cultural appropriation inappropriate, since those wearing the turban just for fashion will not appreciate its deep religious significance.”

The organization said it has reached out to both Gucci and Nordstrom, with the community’s concerns and are waiting to hear from them.

Gucci had come under fire last year as well, when it showcased models walking down the runway at the Milan Fashion Week wearing a Sikh turban. The Sikh community told the designer brand that showcasing turbans as fashion was considered inappropriate because of its significance in the Sikh faith.


  1. Jazzman Smith

    Turbans have been worn forever in these parts. How is selling a turban offensive? Do they not sell them in their country?

  2. Sandeep kaur

    I see nothing wrong with turban sold as an accessory to anyone who wishess to wear it.
    No group religious or otherwise can claim monopoly over it. Sentiment maybe attached by Sikh man only if and when its on his head, until then it IS only an accessory.
    Yess price is an issue.

  3. Adam Silber

    There is nothing wrong with this turban
    But the price..stop creating fake issues

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