After Amazon, now Wayfair found to stock Lord Ganesha bath mats

"Lord Ganesh Bath Mat" sold on Wayfair.
“Lord Ganesh Bath Mat” sold on Wayfair. Image via

Lord Shiva and Ganesha pictures on bath rugs sold on the website of home goods retailer Wayfair.

Just a day after Hindu believers expressed an outcry about online retail giant Amazon stocking bath mats and toilet seat covers depicting Ganesha, another website has been found to stock similar products., a US e-commerce company that sells home goods, has been stocking bath mats with not just Lord Ganesha figurines but also mats with Lord Shiva imprints on it.

Sold on the website amid a range of religious figures, wall décor and statues are also some bath rugs described on the website as, “Yoga Asian Lord with Third Eye Bath Rug by East Urban Home,” and “Asian Face of Elephant Lord Bath Rug.”

The products, sold on the website for $38 and more, are found to be derogatory.

Headquartered in Boston, Wayfair is one of the popular online destinations for home goods shopping.

Ironically, despite the fact that the United States is home to a growing number of Hindu immigrants, mostly from India, often Hindu religious icons and cultural symbols are mistakenly used for lifestyle products.

In the past, too, there were complaints about Wayfair selling the Hindu Gods imprinted bath rugs.

Last year, Wayfair removed a cutting board carrying the image of Ganesha and apologized after Hindu activists protested against it.

Many South Asians point out that often issues such as these arise as many Americans, taken with the trend of Yoga, mistakenly associate Hindu religious symbols as something that can be used as a lifestyle expression.

While Hinduism does not prohibit the usage of Gods and Goddesses figurines for decorative purposes, the idea of using the pictures of revered deities on something like a bath rug is a repulsive thought for most Hindus.


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