‘Celebrate Immigrants’ events to be held in June to mark Immigrant Heritage Month

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“Celebrate Immigrants” event will kick-off in Philadelphia on June 4.

On June 4, Love Park in Philadelphia will celebrate all shades of America. To mark the month of June, which is observed as the “Immigrant Heritage Month” (IHM), this year, the anchor of the celebrations will be held in Philadelphia.

The event will feature an interactive public art installation in the middle of Love Park. The art piece will have “I love Philly” emblazoned and the participants will be encouraged to share their immigrant identity by placing a flag of their identified heritage on the heart.

The public event, aimed at stressing upon the immigrant history in America, will also feature live music, food trucks and other events to keep the attendees entertained as together they all attest to a very important and diverse fabric of the United States.

First started in the June of 2014, Immigrant Heritage Month is an initiative by the I Am An Immigrant foundation. The aim of the movement is to understand the richness immigrants add to the country everyday while also giving the immigrants a validation and celebrate their histories. It was also started to create awareness about history of America as an immigrant nation. Since then organizations and celebrities across America have stepped up to show their solidarity with the movement.

The I Am An Immigrant Foundation hosts many public events in the month of June. One can participate in public celebrations to discussions to cultural events in various parts in the country. The foundation has also launched the “I stand With Immigrant” initiative, which is powered by Fwd.us, a bipartisan political organization that works toward bringing in important improvements in America.

The I Am An Immigrant campaign encourages all Americans to mark and celebrate the inestimable contributions of immigrants to the country.

Apart from the day-long event in Philadelphia on June 4, another such event will be held in Boulder, Colorado on June 17. The foundation urges the public to create more local events around their areas to ensure that the month creates a new understanding about American history.

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