Petition opposing S. 386 and H.R. 1044 gets nearly 48,000 signatures

The petition says eliminating green card backlog would kill the racial diversity in America.

In these highly polarized times, often people are left wondering on what side of the argument do they belong.

While proponents of those who want to solve the problem of green card backlogs firmly believe that nationality should not be used as a criteria to delay permanent residency for eligible individual from, there are others that argue that removing the per-country cap from green card quotas would kill the racial diversity, especially in employment-based immigration.

It is no secret that a majority of applicants for employment-based immigration are from India and China. Many argue that, by removing the country cap, more Indians than ever will be part of the IT workforce in America, thus compromising the racial diversity this country takes prides in.

A petition launched on the White House website urges people to ensure that bills S. .386 and H.R. 1044 are not passed.

The House of Representatives passed the bipartisan H.R. 1044, or the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” on July 10. The bill calls for eliminating the green card backlog by removing the 7 percent country cap.

S. 386, the Senate companion bill of H.R. 1044, is currently being blocked by Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who has introduced a rival bill.

The petition started anonymously by someone identified as C.G. on July 10—the same day H.R. 1044 was passed — has so far gained 47,773 signatures as of 1:45 pm EST on July 25.  The petition is titled, “Do not pass Bills S.386 or HR 1044 for US worker and racial diversity.”

The petition says, “Bills S 386/HR 1044 will import a swarm of Indian workers, who have already abused H-1B visa in the decade, in detriment to Americans or immigrants from other nations. Those bills will also destroy racial equality in benefits of Indian workers; everybody else loses under these bills. The lawmakers should stop advancing these Bills to protect U.S. workers and racial diversity.

“H.R. 1044 and/or S. 386, the so-called Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Bill is discriminatory to non-Indians. A fair immigration reform should not benefit just one nationality detriment to other nationals.”

As reported by the American Bazaar earlier this month, a counter petition was launched on July 15 titled, “Pass HR1044/S386 Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” which aims at supporting the proposal to remove country caps. As of 1:45 pm EST on July 25, the petition received 32,967 signatures.

Petitions launched on the White House website requires a minimum of 100,000 signatures to receive an official response.


  1. I am a Chinese, planning to apply for GC after 10 year working in this country and had two children. If this bill passes, we plan to leave because it won’t be until my children go to college when we will be able to get GCs.
    “The bill calls for eliminating the green card backlog by removing the 7 percent country cap.” I hope Indians can see that the first part — eliminating the green card backlog — is what everybody wants(maybe not those America is just for American ones), but the method is clearly not fair to others in the same flawed system. It’s like everybody in a sinking ship, how can you justify the fact that only Indians can go? Why don’t you fix the ship together with others instead?
    Please tell your smart lobbyist, we need a total solution, not an Indians-get-what-we-want-and-fxxk-the-rest-of-the-world-I-don’t-care. It’s not about pleasing the legislators and make whatever is easier to pass and favor your interest only, it’s about unite and make the people see the right thing to do.

  2. U stupid Americans we Indians took your jobs in information technology accounting payroll marketing and every other field . We work for cheap and will replace American citizens . First we Indians convinced your American senators to outsource 7 millions jobs to india and now we have over 15 millions Indian on visa that have taken your jobs in America ! U stupid Americans we own you and our kids will take your jobs and you Americans will be in trailer homes . Stupid white trash we own America and American senators .

    • Hey Rick you, um, forgot to change your name before submitting that cartoonish reply that we’re supposed to believe was written by an Indian person. Stop making the rest of us Ricks look bad!

  3. Tanay Mishra

    Both these bills will be defeated and never see the light of day. There’s a massive antiimmigrant backlash coming the likes of which you haven’t seen before. The whole country is fed up of all the freeloaders of the world ganging up on America – illegal latinos, DACA/dreamer crap, somali and syrian refugees, hordes of indian H1B and L1 visa fraudsters, it goes on and on and on. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP???? America is ONLY for Americans and no one else. Enough is enough. Send all these wannabes back, deport them today. I don’t want to see one more of these FOBs anywhere near where I live.

    • American do not want all the companies fill up with INDIANs

    • Indians for the most part are the bane of IT. The offices smell horrible and project delays and bugs are way up compared to the 90’s. The funny part is that these indians mainly work in java, a rather simple interpreted language. Meanwhile Americans with far sharper skills in C++, visual C and Assembly who could easily take on these positions are so often past over. I am a lucky one who retired early and now fund startups. Many VC’s I have invested with look for indians for one simple reason, cheap and servile labor. However, we are discovering little by little that this also comes at a price and that price is poor quality disorganized code and work. Some companies tolerate this but we have now become less tolerant of this and now seek Americans for their innovative approach and less error prone code. Congress is actively working against the American people by even considering the such a bill.

  4. Marcos Valencia

    Could someone explain me why does the bill is called to be in favor of High Skill Immigrants, and while also modifying the percentage of family based visas from 7 to 15%. This bill should be renamed as “Bill to Favor Immigrant Countries that Exceed the Visa Quotas”.

    • > Could someone explain me why does the bill is called to be in favor of High Skill Immigrants, and while also modifying the percentage of family based visas from 7 to 15%.

      Agreed… the change in family based visas does not fit the title of the bill.

      > This bill should be renamed as “Bill to Favor Immigrant Countries that Exceed the Visa Quotas”.

      Its not really favoring Indians or Chinese. It really is bringing fairness to a seriously flawed system.

      Basically, the entry point to GCs has been cut up into country based queues, and from each queue, they allow x number of people to come in every year. This system ignores all statistics and country sizes, and makes all queues the same size.

      I am a person who had one of the best education in India, worked in Texas Instruments for a few years, got into an ivy league university in the US and have been working in Silicon valley for 10+ years. I have to wait for 60 more years to get my GC (also, think about my highly educated wife who wants to work and cannot (started working in 2015 after H4-EADs became a thing)). While a person coming in from Pakistan or Sri Lanka gets their GC within 1-2 years, and their spouse can work after getting the GC, etc.

      Why should there be separate lines for each country? This is supposed to be skill based immigration, not country based immigration.

      I see that all the countries that have previously benefitted from smaller queues are now complaining… because they will need to get into a single “fair line”. Even China is complaining, because the EB2 for China will see marginally longer lines – 6 years instead of current 3 years.

      This new proposed queue is fair because it is independent of the origin country of the employment visa holder. It really is merit based (if you can get a job in the US) and its first come first server and thus fair.

  5. Rest of the world is complaining about diversity etc.. but the main problem that they don’t want to wait in the queue for GC. That is the main problem. I agree some of the H1B companies earlier abused. But please understand its the individual families who were suffering. When we came to this country decades ago, H1B was dual intent or else we would stayed in India or went to some other countries. We applied PERM / I140 as per the law. Dealing with H1b companies is a separate issue and backlog is different. You are saying no to HR1044 because you never waited for 10 years. Please show some humanity for the people suffering. While I respect the rest of the world, I cannot get back my age and the precious time lost here. Please pass #HR 1044

  6. Not your business

    It’s an open secret, no, not even a secret but a widely known fact among the immigration attorneys and professionals that Indians have been abusing and hogging H1B system for god knows how many years. If this bill passes, everyone else not from China or India will be essentially doomed with even more years to even apply for I-485.

    These two practically anti-diversity bills are just two more examples of well-intended legislatures with very clear potential cluster****. I am tired of Indians acting entitled, and I myself am an Indian.

  7. Shanmuga velu

    Please stop this bill.

  8. That’s an Indian first act. Speaking of that, many CEOs of IT industry are from India. They are somewhat power in this country. Just go through it. Haha.

  9. They call the current country caps “discrimination”. All of them are at 7%, I don’t see discrimination. Don’t forget to mention that the left over #GreenCards are re-distributed to countries with high number of applications. So #India ends up getting more than 25% of Green Cards.

    • Thats not true .. leftover are unused ..

      Plz note – I’m not in queue for GC

      • You are already using 25% of the total amount. More than any other country! and it is still a discrimination for you! so you need 85% of total GCs to say Now we have a perfect immigration system? What will happen to american workers?!

        • Grow up and be mature, Sandeep.

          US needs skilled and educated workers, it should not matter from which country they belong too.

          • Don’t be so proud. There are a lot of skilled and educated workers in the US that’s why the Americans are also against this bill. The H1b visa abused my Indian workers and Big Tech companies should have never existed because it only gave false hopes to foreign workers who thought that they can immediately bring their families and get their GCs.

      • An indian people may have several names. That is, u are basically cheating on applying H1b visa. So, I don’t think 7 percent cap has any connections with discrimination.

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