#KamalaHarrisdestroyed the top trend on Twitter all day on Thursday

Kamala Harris (Courtesy of twitter)

From Russian bots to Putin, Twitter users had a field day tweeting about Harris’ performance in the debate.

It may not be the best precursor to the weekend for presidential candidate Kamala Harris. After what can be best described as her somewhat jaded performance in the Second Democratic Presidential Debate at Detroit on Wednesday, Harris continued to be roasted on social media all day on Thursday.

The top trend on Twitter across the United States remained #KamalaHarrisdestroyed all day on Thursday. While the California senator was subjected to memes and jokes, there were still others that smelt a Russian conspiracy in pulling Harris down.

While both sides spent the day tweeting away, for anyone even mildly following the presidential in America, it was a field day on Twitter full of humor, wit, sarcasm and in short, a whole lot of fun. Maybe we needed this to lighten up a bit before things begin moving more seriously as the elections draw closer.

Here are some fun nuggets we found on Twitter, to make your day:

The law enforcement cometh:


Bipartisanship is the future of America, they say. Oh yes!

Chelsea? Malia? Sasha? That’s taking to too far. No?

You had me at hello! Well, not exactly

All about being right?

Who said being top-tier came easy?

What scares Trump?

Ouch that burnt


The neighbors do things together

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