All four Indian American members of Congress now back impeachment process against Trump

Credit: White House.

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi is the latest congressman to support impeachment investigation against the president.

As the number of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives favoring impeachment proceedings against President Trump continues to rise, Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi became the latest to support the investigations.

“I serve on two House committees investigating the President’s conduct during and after his election to our highest office,” the Illinois Democrat said in a statement. “I have reviewed various documents (both classified and unclassified) questioned various witnesses including Special Counsel Mueller, and read the Mueller Report multiple times. Despite the Trump’s Administration’s refusal to provide requested witnesses and documents in our ongoing investigations, we have still uncovered serious, troubling evidence of unethical and illegal behavior by the President.”

He added, “I greatly respect the electoral process and the office of the President. I was raised to respect each occupant of that office regardless of party, and I feel strongly that no President should be impeached unless clear, substantial evidence of illegal behavior exists to sustain a conviction in the Senate.”

The congressman added, “That said we have, now come to a point where we must engage in an investigation to not only expose wrongdoing and prevent it from happening again but also to determine whether the current President engaged in behavior meriting the beginning of impeachment proceedings.”

With Krishnamoorthi’s announcement, all four Indian American members of Congress now support impeachment proceedings against the president. Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, and California Democrats Ro Khanna and Ami Bera had previously announced their support for impeachment proceedings.

Back in May, Jayapal became the first member of Congress from Washington state to call for an impeachment inquiry against Trump. Last month, she also questioned former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on whether Trump’s statements amounted to witness tampering. Earlier this month, Khanna also said that he supported impeachment inquiry.

Currently now more than half of the Democratic caucus backs impeachment proceedings. However, they still need about 94 more congressmen to pass the impeachment resolution. The Democrats have more than 235 members in the House of Representatives.


  1. Santa kumaran

    It’s absolutely stupid to impeach Trump. There is no evidence of wrong doing from Mr. Trump. He had been as much transparent as he can during Mueller investigation. All the lies peddled by the fake news media had been busted when Mr Mueller delivered his report. Mr Trump also stands with India on Kashmir issue unlike the Democrats. This stance of the Democrats is a departure from what President Obama had maintained when he was the President. Even Hillary Clinton is very much pro India. But now the Democratic party is full of Anti Semitic Congress women & Islam loving radical leftists. Moderate Democrats & Indian Americans should vote for Trump in 2020. We have no choice but to vote for Trump.

  2. Anil Prayag

    I feel strongly that no President should be impeached unless clear, substantial evidence of illegal behavior exists to sustain a conviction in the Senate.

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