Canadian human-rights activist called out on Twitter for racist post against an elderly Sikh man

Jessica Yaniv, an LGBTQ advocate, posted a derogatory message about a Sikh guy sitting next to her. 

On her Twitter account, British Columbia-based LGBTQ advocate Jessica Yaniv describes herself as “One proud Lesbian. I’ll never give up fighting for human rights equality.” But on Thursday, the activist got pulled up on social media for an action that totally defied her stand on human rights.

Sikh activist Simran Jeet Singh posted a picture on his Twitter On Thursday night, which showed a screen shot of Yaniv’s post about an elderly Sikh guy seated next to her. “The man who appears to be sitting in a public place minding his business was captured in a picture by Yaniv, who then sent… a racist message calling out the man with the F word, just because he wore a turban.”

Yaniv’s racist post confirms a deep-seated hatred for brown skin, turban, or beards among a growing tribe of white supremacists.

However, soon as the post went viral, Twitter users were sure to call out Yaniv and tell her a thing or two about human rights and equality. Simran Jeet Singh wrote on his Twitter: “We need to be firm and clear about standing against racism. But we also need to cut the cycle of hate. Please be humane in your responses to @trustednerd.”

Another Sikh activist and lawyer, Jo Kaur, shared the post on her Twitter and wrote: “A self-identified “LGBTQIA+ & Human Rights Advocate/Social Justice Warrior” spewed racism against a turbaned Sikh man & posted it online. Called him a “turban fucker.” It’s not just conservatives who are bigoted against Sikhs and other religious minorities/brown folk.

Trans woman Yaniv is not new to controversy. Yaniv, who went by the name Jonathan, in the past had filed 16 human rights complaints against estheticians in the Vancouver area. She had alleged that these places refused to give her a Brazilian bikini wax because of her appearance.

It has been alleged that most of the places she targeted were run by immigrants, who refused her as they did not service men. Many allege that she purposely targeted such places. She was also accused of indecent encounters with underage girls.


  1. Martin Dufresne

    I agrre with “Tired of your BS” that referring to Yaniv, a fully functional male, in the feminine is a mistake, if only because doing so extends to women and to transsexuals an infamous character that very few of them deserve. Please show some respect and *do* stop ridiculing yourselves with sentences about “her penis and testicles”.

  2. Tired of your BS

    So fucking tired of articles like this about this predatory male pervert, calling him “she” without even acknowledging that this man is the embodiment of why leftist radical feminists like myself oppose self-ID as the only requirement for males to be treated as female under the law. Just stop it!!

  3. Tanay Mishra

    Yanif is neither a he nor a she. It’s an it, thats it. A little sicko. Born that way? Maybe, maybe not. Too many freaks on the fringes for anyone in the mainstream to really give a damn. So STOP WAXING ELOQUENT about a perv like Yanis and even patronizing it. Let’s focus on the Sikh man that was maliciously targeted by this social outcast.

  4. You can’t blame Yaniv on white people, he’s Jewish and Jews claim nonwhite status. Yaniv is a Marxist, and HE, yes, HE exemplifies the left. They push a tiered system where some people are more equal than others. In HIS pin head trans and all LGBTQLMNOP are above brown, black, real women, etc… read Orwell. The entire “white supremacy” BS is a lie the left tout to attack the rule of law AND the civil rights of the majority of the population. It’s the same game all Marxists play and those Marxists include Hitler and Mussolini both socialists. The term right wing actually originates with a faction of the French revolutionary government and they ALL were what you would ID as leftists and it was also used to describe a faction of the Soviet communist government.. and they weren’t conservative either. It refers to what is Trotskyite/Leninist aka globalist. They infiltrated the dem and repub parties to impose their globalist plantation slavery state agenda. In the GOP they are called neocons, but don’t take my word for it, father of neocon movement Irving Kristol (Bill’s father bragged about being a Trotskyite in his autobiography

  5. It wasn’t her “appearance” that was the reason behind the refusals. She was requesting a Brazilian biking wax from people who only provided waxing services to females when “she” has a penis and testicles. 1) Some of the women were against touching male genitalia for religious reasons 2) the technique to perform such waxing on male genitalia is different than on female genitalia.

    Your article falsely implies that she was refused service because she didn’t “pass” as a woman. That isn’t what happened at all. She wanted her lady balls waxed and some women were not comfortable doing that. Genital waxing is not a human right and a woman has the right to refuse to wax male genitalia for whatever reason. There are other salons that do perform this type of waxing on male genitalia, so Jessica Yaniv was in no way denied access to “gender confirming” care simply because some of the people who do this are not comfortable handling a penis while doing it.

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