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Voting for new economy, new skills and new jobs

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

What are the big questions in the next 100 days when roughly half a billion people are going to elect or re-elect leaders?

Some 30 nations and roughly 500 million voters are going to elect leaders in next 100 days; hoping new stable economies, new global age skills and new jobs. The USA election is later on in 2020; the world’s most dramatically engaging, expensive and time consuming global event.

It’s popcorn time, it’s decision time… it’s voting time

If elections success in only measured by the final count of most votes, winners should also deliver economic performance measured only by the final count of employment numbers good enough for creating grassroots economy

Skilled citizenry is the biggest hidden asset of the nation, ignored last few decades in the dust of globalization, now becoming most critical issue on these elections. National leaderships must create intelligent debates on such complexity as keeping it under the rugs their silence becomes a proof of global-age incompetency. Otherwise, chaos of restless citizenry will become a serious issue.

A big change to internally uplift the working citizenry via national mobilization of entrepreneurialism is a winning call. Going internally focused, European Union is tabling a $100 billion program to uplift its high potential enterprises making this a great example of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism.

Inversion Economy; where grassroots transformation becomes a top priority

Projectile Economy; where Rocketry and Mars Missions drive the agenda

Trade-wars are proof of poor quality exportability, poor skills and poor policies, but skills-wars are about creating highly skilled citizenry creating superior edge of exportability and blossoming local grassroots prosperity. Nations should avoid declaring trade-wars on other countries and rather first look inside and declare internal skills-wars on their own working-citizenry to improve their performance and capability to stand up to global age trading challenges.

In global search for collaborative synthesizim, Expothon Worldwide is seeking alliances to downstream high quality debates and discussion with top leadership within a nation and inviting trade groups, trade associations, Chambers and experts in various business growth fields to join the platform already aligned with this global exportability driven metamorphosis. The recent moves by World Bank to adopt this very format with their launch of a global project Econothon is also a very good step forward. Expect some major and positive events in this arena to uplift this new global thinking forward.

To acquire varying level of mastery of global age skills are not that difficult at all, after all mankind is permanently superior over robots but what is extremely difficult is the way overly sensationalized narrative articulated by stock markets responding to every major technological advances placing too much emphasis on IT and coding creating general fears amongst masses of workers around the globe. The new global age demands brand new thinking capable to be able to shed the old skin and come out new and shiny, once again. Hidden within our skin and body frame is all the untapped talent and unused smartness.

This is how civilization has survived via transformational advancements

At the dawn of E-commerce; switching from industrialization to computerization were not new-funding dependent issues; it demanded clear understanding and memorization of what was once called ‘hardware’ and what was ‘software’ the rest was all about on job-learning to adopt and swim in deep new technologies…most were almost free.

The officeless office revolution will shrink and collapse old glory of office towers around the world in next few years. Study these major changes and develop your own vision, apply all your own current skills and exercise your inner strengths, study very deeply, while acquiring expertise and becoming a ‘doer’ ‘thinker’ ‘innovator’ and ‘collaborator’ and let other experts handle the technology. Today, laborious-work being replaced by smart-work, while smart-work is being replaced by smarter-machines and the Masters of Robots will be the smart un-learners, while the Slaves of Robots will be the deniers of change. Clouds of technology alone will not rain local grassroots prosperity but watch slow death below

With so much time and resources wasted in fakery, time to uplift working citizenry within a nation sounds like a salvage operation but the only way eliminate restless citizenry with good quality jobs, with global-age skills to ride the future with confidence via national mobilization of small and midsize economy.

Rejection of Globalization

Systematically abandoned, the small-midsize-enterprises of the world, and neglecting of lifelong learning required keeping pace with technology and future job-securities of the working masses of the world resulted only in insecurity, fear and lack of confidence and this finally brought out the rejection of the value of globalization.

Why it’s time to re-think?

Most nations already have wealth but mostly in hidden talents;

Natural resources are mostly unearthed, and underutilized;

Human resources are untapped and mostly abandoned;

Cultural and historic features are caught in divisive conflicts; and

National intelligentsia and knowledge developed over millennia now isolated or outcast

Next 100 Days: The Big Questions

How critical are these national but globally intertwined issues?

How will the national economy survive and what would the world add?

Where the bright ideas hidden and why are they not on the top?

What will the voters do today, on voting day and after the results?

What will the voters learn this time?

What will leadership promise in return?

Firstly, we must all vote;
Secondly, engage political leadership; and
Thirdly, build local grassroots with diversity and harmony

On grassroots prosperity…

Firstly, create an authoritative discussion on these topic, escalate it to top national leadership;
Secondly, create a forum focused on new blueprints and clearly put aside the funding issues; and
Thirdly, concentrate on the dormant talents and venues collecting dust within the nation.

Rest is easy

Here are the key countries where elections are going to be held within next 100 days: Canada, Tunisia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Guinea, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Uzbekistan, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Swiss, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Romania, Croatia, Haiti, Dominican Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, Oman, New Zealand, UAE and followed by the United States in 2020.

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  1. The article is excellent–too many innovative ideas packed together in a few words! It could be very difficult to assimilate them by readers and leaders!
    We need to channelize these to the voters, political leadership and the government which gets elected! Only in a dream, you can achieve it!
    But, Javed ji, keep on writing–maybe, one day, a charismatic leader will read your article and hopefully, implement at least a part of it!
    Thanks to American Bazaar for publishing such fascinating food for thought!!!

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