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Million Mini-Alibabas: testing next economic leadership 

Jack Ma
Jack Ma; image via YouTube

Big business is big business but small business is much bigger.

Big Questions: How will Platform Economy mobilization models allow nations to create their own million-mini-Alibaba? How can national leadership bring massive digitization of national public sectors? How can deployments of overflowing technologies create grassroots prosperity? How will all this integrate into new style of economic leadership thinking?

Bold Answers:  Nations can save themselves from restless citizenry and winds of populism as futurism of ‘creating local grassroots economy’ divides into two distinct national mobilizations.  Firstly, creating skilled citizenry capable to swing with global-age demands and secondly, creating massive digitization of midsize economy to enable global-speed-performance to match trading with 100-200 nations. Nations with such mastery will thrive and lead; generational transformation at magical speed with full deployments of platform economy is a prerequisite. Sounds rocket science, it is, but very doable and easy.

Small and Medium Enterprises:
Alibaba model based on advanced thinking and interconnecting million Small and Medium Enterprises with billions new customers on digital economy format became a global legend. So, what’s stopping other nations? Any quick answers without deep and precise study may not fit here.

Big business is big business but small business is much bigger: within the walls of most national boundaries, once national mobilization is properly deployed, small grows into larger sizes like massive pillars and solid foundations boosting local economy. In-depth understanding of mobilization and deployment strategies are critically essential especially when it’s about adopting overflow of almost free technologies as wings of new growth and awakening of hidden entrepreneurial talent lying dormant across the most nations as the driving engines. Midsize business economies of the world is where any serious upturn will significantly eliminate grassroots prosperity issue, especially this is a ready to go sector in need of massive deployments and new thinking.

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

These are not new funding dependent projects
these are new-thinking hungry and
global-age-style-execution starved.
So what’s stopping this?

This critically advanced subject, not be confused either with website and social media management, or routine education calls for daily diligent meetings till significant progress becomes visible, equally this global-age-thinking demands regular Cabinet Level Meetings if national leadership decides to boost its economy via superiority of national mobilization of digital platforms. This massive transformation automatically creates a culture extremely conducive and pragmatic to creating baby Alibaba on such platforms.

Currently, some 30 nations engaged with elections trying to promise superior economic performance while most nations still have their motherboards missing? To drive superior-performance a computer has a motherboard, why can’t a nation have similar type motherboard platforms to drive all of its big and small digitized economy expansion with ultra-superior performance?

In broader strokes and for extreme simplicity;
Let’s divide ‘midsize businesses economy’ into four parts;

The Enterprises Groups:  This is where small and medium size businesses of the old and new world trying hard to expand in global space but achieving little or no progress. Stuck with internal digitization of operations challenges they are pushing decade old methods to expansion. If digitization is not new funding dependent but rather new thinking hungry, why there are such critical skills gaps. What’s stopping this?

The Trade Groups: Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce helping vertical sectors in their own traditional ways spanning over decades but are such vertical trade groups able to showcase their membership in a grand way across the nation and global markets? If showcasing of progressive membership profiles attracts global opportunities why trade-groups are so afraid and what level of expertise they posses to deploy such large scale mobilization. Why they play a critical role?

The Public Sector Groups: Government departments mandated to foster economic growth across all vertical sectors, how such government agencies not only fully digitized internally but also offering to all sectors of vertical businesses and exporting communities large scale options on Platform Economy thinking. If local governments were active and aggressive leaders they will not only boost national economies but also calm restless citizenry and avoid windy storms of populism. Massive induction is required.

The Founders Groups:  every nation is blessed with all sorts of founders, owners and entrepreneurs including senior management and therefore to thrive in Platform Economy such entrepreneurial leadership must demonstrate expertise on digital platform economy because without being savvy how will they grow? Why aren’t digitally showcased are their enterprises on highly integrated platforms to create a global bounce and create world-class exportability performance? Without them platform economy will have no sizzle.

Anything less than 90% advancements in each of these categories will keep the nation trapped

Identify 1000 to 1,000,000 enterprises is need of global exposure or exportability
Start a high level in-depth debate and discussion with authoritative knowledge and solutions
Start national mobilization of a major agenda to change the picture of national midsize economy
Study Expothon Strategy as possible national deployment and entrepreneurial strategies
Create a national level dedicated Digital Platform Economy Agency with national agenda

The Platform Economy will create a million Alibaba: Around the world, advantageous are the nations already missed the First, Second and Third Industrial Revolution; now standing at the gates of Fourth industrial Revolution they have a jump start. Any high quality digitized world-class vertical trade group segment is a critical component for shaping something like Mini-Alibaba. Just declare those daily meetings into non-stop around the clock thinking.  Deep study is critical.

Rest is easy…

What does this mean for smart economies going forward? What are the next challenges on creating grassroots prosperity? What will be the Election Messages of New Promises going forward? While, economic superiority of super-power-nations via trade wars keeps slowing down world economy.
The 100 plus micro-power-nations from the middle may attempt fully digitalized and globally accessible platforms showcasing enterprises may open up unlimited wide reaching opportunities of trading and exporting.

Today’s Challenges:
Will next national economic leadership be about
“skill-wars or trade-wars” Old models of help are wasted, creating Alternate Economies demand Alternate Thinking

The 2030:  As forecasted, why will Top Ten Economies have combined GDP of USD $200 trillion? To further put in perspective, China and India will contribute $110 Trillion, USA $32 Trillion and Japan $7 Trillion. What does this mean?  How will meaningful translations of all these fit platform economies mobilization and deployment strategies?  A new and smart world is awakening right in front of us.

Kindly check your binoculars

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. He can be connected via LinkedIn:


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