Mexico deports 311 Indians, who were trying to enter US illegally

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The National Migration Institute made the announcement about the unprecedented mass deportation.

Earlier this month, Mexico deported 311 Indian nationals to India, in what is being called an unprecedented mass deportation. The National Migration Institute, which announced the deportation Wednesday, said in a statement that 310 Indian men and one woman were deported from Toluca to New Delhi.

Immigration officials across Mexico had detained these Indian migrants from various Mexican cities. They were then housed in a detention center in the state of Veracruz for deportation.

In recent months, under immense pressure from the United States, Mexico has beefed up its immigration enforcement. Thousands of national guards are now deployed along the major migration routes.

It may be noted that earlier this summer, an 8-year-old Indian girl was found dead on the southern border between the United States and Mexico, as she, along with her mother, tried to make their way into the US through the Mexican border.

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The shocking story of a child found dead due to deadly desert heat had, once again, raised the issue of the faulty asylum system in America and how many deserving asylum seekers are forced to take the ultimate step of trying to cross the border illegally.

The mass deportation has again brought the issue of illegal immigration and the asylum issue to the fore. Sangay Mishra, author of Desis Divided, tweeted about the news, “This is a classic example of externalization of the border — all of them were headed to the U.S. but the border is now in Mexico and they are doing the work of sending them back India without having a chance to claim asylum in the U.S.”

The deported Indians had spent hundreds of thousands of rupees trying to find their way into America, but were shocked to encounter dangerous circumstances in which they were transported from one place to another trying to cross over illegally into the US.


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    Indians totally suck. Telegus suck the worst, they should all be deported because that’s the root cause of all the visa frauds, job stealing, resume faking, IRS scams, etc. They were banned from entering even the major metros of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. because they just spread filth, disease and rot everywhere they go. Send them all back, they are worse than animals. No sympathy for telungus and Andra people from Hydrabad.

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