‘Churchill Among Savages,’ a play on Winston Churchill to be performed in Washington area

‘Churchill Among Savages,’ a play on Winston Churchill
‘Churchill Among Savages’

Directed and written by Nishi Chawla, the play examines the former British prime minister’s role in colonies, including India.

A new play that scrutinizes one of the tallest figures in the modern European history will be performed in the Washington, DC, area this weekend. Churchill Among Savages examines the role played by the former British prime minister in colonies, including Africa and India.

Presented by Inclusive Arts Ensemble, the play is written and directed by Nishi Chawla.

Chawla, who is known for undertaking uneasy subjects from history, has written and directed an impressive portfolio of plays based on the life and times of important historical and political figures, including Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Draupadi, and Kasturba. All these plays, except the one on Bhutto, have been showcased in the US and have received critical appreciation.

WHAT: Churchill Among Savages

WHERE: Kreeger Auditorium in Rockville, MD

WHEN: Saturday, November 2 at 1.30

Churchill Among Savages takes an alternate view on the role Churchill played in the colonial history of Britain, but does not pass any judgments on his actions. It is well known that while Churchill has remained a revered figure in western history, his action in the colonies of Britain were speckled with sin. He may have been put on the pedestal in the west, but he is also responsible for several sins of omission committed in the former colonies of the British Empire.

The play examines the hidden ramifications and meaning behind some historically documented research. The first act is set in Africa, the second in India — Churchill and Gandhi in one scene, of course! — and the final act in the Middle East.

What makes the play an intriguing watch is that the playwright refrains from imposing her own views on Churchill. The play is also not a critique of Churchill’s actions. “Its contents are simple philosophical fodder,” says Chawla. The cast of the play is all local.

The play will be staged on Saturday, November 2 at 1.30 pm at the Kreeger Auditorium in Rockville, MD.


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