Sudden death of Indian IT professional Joji Joy leaves family in shock

Joji Joy with his family

Fundraiser started to help family that came to live the American Dream.

Friends and family of Charlotte, North Carolina based IT professional Joji Joy have been left shocked and stunned by his sudden death on Monday in the prime of his life. He was just 40.

Joy who hails from Kerala in India is survived by his wife and two sons aged just eight and three.

Coming to the U.S. to live the American Dream, he worked as a Senior Manager in technology giant Cognizant. At the time of his death, he held the position of Architect at TIAA, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Well-wishers of the Joji family have started a Go Fund Me page to help his family in this hour of immense pain and grief after the sudden tragedy.

  Support Joji Joy Family

“Joji is known to be a loving father, husband and a great friend,” says the fundraiser. “His colleagues at work as well as the people of his community remember him for his kindheartedness, solicitude and ever readiness to extend help to people whenever needed.

“He was a hard worker and lived life by the motto ‘aim for excellence and success will follow’. It is indeed a great loss to all of us to know that Joji’s journey in the world was abruptly cut short on November 18.

“His family and friends are all now left behind in great sorrow and despair at their home in Kerala. At this moment of extreme shock and sadness, let us do our best to help them at their time of bereavement.”

The fundraiser has been able to generate $62,631 in one day out of its goal of $120,000


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  1. Go back to India

    For every story like this, I guaran-damn-tee you I can find 10 more from American families who have gone through the same tragedy, except theirs was caused by them losing jobs to cheap imported Indian labor and thus were left with no means to provide for their family.

  2. He was a hard worker and lived life by the mottos ‘aim for stupidity and failure will follow’, ‘aim for green cards and heart attack will follow’, ‘aim for dollar dreams and pot belly will follow’, ‘aim for visa scams and arrest will follow’, ‘aim for job stealing and illnesses will follow’, ‘aim for happiness and death will follow’. This one had it coming no doubt about it. How desperate can anyone get, there has to be a limit.

    • Logical indian

      You are a moron! Not everyone who goes abroad is going there simply to earn dollars. Some people also go so that they can esacape the judge mental Indians like you!!! Everyone has a right to provide for their family, just because you lived in India doesn’t make you any better. In fact you are a shame on humanity, try having some empathy for the deceased instead of your non-sensical rant loser!

      • @LogicalIndian – What an amazing take away from your two lines.
        Where ever we live on this Globe : Be Honest, Be Truthful, Be Courageous. Live in reality.

      • Ernest Penise Rajendra

        U r moron! U lack brains! U lack telepathy! U lack toilets! U will die soon! Ur karma stinks!

  3. Out of status. Return to India for your Indian dream

    • You lack empathy. You will face hell in your life time. Life can change in a day. One day you will realize it. I don’t want to curse you. But Karma works.

      • Ernest Penise Rajendra

        U lack brains! U r moron! U will die soon! Ur karma stinks!

      • Go back to India

        If karma actually worked, then the countless cheap Indian labor who have displaced god knows how many hardworking Americans would all have been deported by now.

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