Texas University students chase out Indian American professor over sexual misconduct charges

Prof. Sahotra Sarkar allegedly held school meetings in bar, asked students to swim on nude beaches.

A group of students at the University of Texas staged a protest against Indian American professor Sahotra Sarkar, who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Late last week, as professor Sarkar was teaching in a class at the university, a group of student protesters barged in to demand his ouster from the university. A Twitter handle @FiretheAbusers posted a video of students staging a protest.

In the video, a student is heard telling Professor Sahrotra: “You as a professor of philosophy, of ethic do not belong here. We stand alongside other enraged women who are disgusted by your actions toward students.”

Sahotra is seen dialing a number on his phone as the students continue protesting against the professor, who has been mired in controversy since 2017.

It was reported that the professor had invited students to swim with him at nude beaches and also asked them to pose nude for photographs. It is also reported that the professor held many school related meetings in a bar.

When the reports surfaced back in 2017, Professor Sarkar denied some of the allegations, but accepted some others. The university suspended Sarkar after an investigation then. But he was re-hired by the university subsequently.

The students are protesting against bringing back professors who have been accused of sexual misconduct. They had earlier staged many sit-ins and had formed public groups condemning bringing back a professor with a tainted history.

Sahotra Sarkar is an Indian American philosopher of science at the University of Texas. He is one of the founders of systematic conservation planning.

Sarkar, originally from India, lived in Darjeeling until 1975. He has a BA degree from Columbia University and a MA and PhD from the University of Chicago

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    Lock him up – he will make good friends in prison

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