Supporters of bill to remove green card country limit pressure Senator Durbin


Affected sharing their tales of woe with top Democrat who has blocked S386.

As S386 or the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants’ Act, 2019, a legislation to remove green card country limits, remains stalled in the Congress, its supporters are calling the office of Senate Democratic whip Dick Durbin, who has put a hold on it, with greater urgency.

In many immigration forums and discussion groups there seems to be a consensus that maximum people should call to show their support before the Senate is adjourned on December 13 for its winter break.

It will commence its new session only in January. But immigration experts feel that impeachment trial of President Donald Trump may then become its primary focus.

Many immigration reform activists are urging people to meet or at least call the bill’s key opponent Durbin of Illinois so as to build a momentum for its passage in the new year amid reported talks between Durbin and Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

In his last address, Lee had said that he will be looking forward to work with Durbin on S386 which supporters says holds the only hope for those stuck in unrealistic long lines to get a green card or permanent residency status in America.

While many Indians are urging their fellow green card hopefuls to not underestimate the power of calling and making their voices heard, a few are pessimistic about it.

Nitin K. Chand, who has made not one but many calls to Durbin’s office does not feel so hopeful about the whole exercise.

“I have called the office many times and while I admit that I have been patiently heard. I did not feel that my call or my story would move the story ahead,” he said. “I felt that we are being heard without being responded to. However, I do suggest everyone else to make a call and form their own opinions.”

Neha Arya another holder of H-4 EAD or work permit for techie spouses, says, “I have put my phone on a constant redial mode since December 2, after the Thanksgiving holidays. I do not miss the chance by being a cynic and saying it won’t make a difference. Who knows, it might just.”

Most Indians who are currently stuck in the Green card backlog are rallying with each other to support the passage of S386.

Aakriti Singh says, “Truth be told, I haven’t yet called on the number. But I do get like ten reminders every day from various green card WhatsApp groups that I am a member of. I think I am going to make that call today as surely sitting would make no difference.”


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