Indian green card backlog community excited over Sundar Pichai’s elevation

Sundar Pichai (Courtesy of twitter)

New Alphabet CEO Pichai seen as an important voice for fair immigration laws.

Techies from India aspiring for a US green card are excited over Indian American tech influencer Sundar Pichai’s elevation as the CEO of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of search giant Google that he has headed since 2015.

Apart from feeling proud at their compatriot’s growing influence, there is also another reason why a segment of Indians in America is celebrating Pichai’s new role. Some green card reforms support groups and social media pages believe his expanded role bodes well for the immigrant cause in America.

The Google CEO has in the past been vocal about his support for fair immigration in the US. Just last week, Pichai had tweeted: “We have joined 55+ other orgs and industry groups to support the STEM OPT program, another step in our effort to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform in the US.”

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Pichai was talking about 50 of the large tech companies along with 11 advocacy groups who are speaking against a court case threatening to end Optional Practical Training or the OPT program in the US. A large number of OPT or guest worker program beneficiaries are Indians in America.

It is no secret that Google ranks top among ten tech companies that have given maximum campaign contributions to the co-sponsors of Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act or S387, a Senate bill for ending the green card country limit.

Google alone made contributions of about $2.2 million. Google remains one of the top most sponsors for H-1B visas for high skilled techies while a majority of Indian H-1B visa holders are stuck in green card limbo for decades.

Madhu Madan an IT employee with a global software firm said, “No American can deny, the contribution of the likes of Sundar Pichai. His expanding role further bolsters our voice on how immigration benefits American economy and society.”

Meenakshi Kumari, another holder of H4 EAD or work permit for spouses of techies, said “We hope that all Indians would join in congratulating Mr Sundar Pichai. He has been a sensible voice for fair immigration reforms and we look forward to his continued support.”


  1. lets stop Outsourcing of US IT jobs to Bangalore, Noida, Pune and Hyderabad. Please join hands to ban IT Outsourcing.

  2. Tukaram Bikaram

    That is very very good sirji! Now Gogle going to give free green cards to all Ondians!! So good so good! Goagle and Picha will make the India very very rich sir! Now lot of dollar they will send to India, every day! Very rich sir! India very rich now!! Every day peoples will send the free remmittances to India, then become very rich. INdia going to prosper lot now sirji, and poverty will be gone in 3 months because Sundara is become the CEEO – it will be happy to see how changes happen so soon. Allready all INdians use Gamail every day, no toilets are there, but mobile app is there.

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