Indian envoy meets Durbin over bill to end green card country caps

 Indian Ambassador to the US Harshvardhan Shringla with Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin.
Indian Ambassador to the US Harshvardhan Shringla with Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin. Image via Twitter

Harsh Vardhan Shringla tells top Democrat of Indian professionals’ contributions to US economy.

To the delight of Indian green card backlog community, Indian Ambassador to the US, Harshvardhan Shringla has met Senator Dick Durbin, a key opponent of a bill to end green card country caps.

Calling his December 5 discussion with the Senate Democratic whip engaging in a tweet later, Shringla  wrote how high skilled Indian professionals bring value to the US economy.

He also spoke of how they help fill the STEM -science, technology, engineering, mathematics – shortage, critical for the competitiveness of American tech industry.

Durbin, a top Democrat has been blocking the passage  of S. 386 or Fairness for High Skilled Immigrant Act that would remove the per country cap on green cards and allow their issuance on first come first served basis.

According to USCIS data about 77 percent of nearly 400,000 people waiting in the employment based green card category are Indians.

For a large number of Indian community, currently stuck in a massive green card back log, the meeting came as a big deal.

Speaking to the American Bazaar, an emotional Shivani Arora from Illinois said: “It finally feels like, someone from Indian government came forward to understand our plight. It means a lot to us.”

“For months, many professionally qualified Indians like me have been standing out in cold protesting and urging the passage of S386,” she said.

“But we did feel dejected that we had no Indian officials coming out and working towards the cause. We feel grateful to ambassador Shringla.”

Shringla’s tweet was quickly endorsed by hundreds of Indians and organizations working towards immigration reforms in the US.

“Thank you so much Mr Shringla for taking the lead,” wrote  Jyotsana Sharma in response to his tweet. “We reached out to multiple politicians and diplomats from India to seek support for us and it feels good to see you take the lead.”

As efforts continue to build momentum about the need for fair immigration reforms in America, many Indians realize that it may be a tough fight, but hope right voices reaching the Capitol may make the process swifter.

“While we have been taking out time from our paid working hours to raise a voice and let people know the plight of Indians in green card line, the silence from the Indian officials sometimes feels deafening,” said Nik Singh another green card hopeful.

“Shringla’s meeting with Durbin and highlighting contributions Indians make to American economy while bridging the STEM shortage is the endorsement we need at the moment,” he said. “I hope other officials also take out time and help our voices reach the right places.”

Shringla’s meeting with Durbin is being seen with a lot of hope as S.386 has been a top priority for many Indians whose lives are in limbo as they wait for a green card  or permanent residency status in the US.

The per country cap system ensures that no country gets more than 7 percent of the total green cards issued in the year. The process has put Indians in a situation where it would take decades for them to get a green card.


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  1. Vince Civiletto

    Indians have completely destroyed the US IT industry and you want more of these scumbags to come in??? What is wrong with you people to peddle this kind of crap??? They will leave no food on the table for middle class American citizens, thousands of whom have been rendered jobless by the relentless treachery, lying on resume, using imposters to take interviews, and myriad other scams that the Indians do!!! What hole are your authors living in to be unaware of what the H1B, L1, F1, EAD-OPT visa regime has done to this country?! ENOUGH ALREADY BEFORE ALL THESE INDIANS ARE FORCIBLY SENT BACK, AND THEY WILL BE SOON.

  2. Robert Singh

    The best part 0.5 million Indian awaiting green card can work infinitely in USA until their green card is processed H1 and L expiry dates does not matter matter once green card application is filled .India have recently amended the citizenship amendment act in their country making muslim second class citizen in their country .The same plan is with Indians living in USA give them work but no status

  3. HossCartwright

    Durbin is for for S386 (Which is terrible)

    “Durbin said he’s blocking the vote on Lee’s measure because while the legislation will take care of the backlog for immigrants from India, it does so “at the expense of every other country.”

  4. Jason Garwood

    Dear Senator Durbin, do not give in to the pandering of these Indians, they are known for making false promises and being extremely discriminatory and racist towards people of all other nationalities. As you may know, their IT companies have over the years made bogus promises – to hire many Americans in jobs that are filled by low-wage H1B candidates. None of those promises were ever fulfilled by the Indian IT firms who are the primary visa employers in the US. In most companies that I have worked (and I’ve worked in quite a few in my consulting career), Indians always form their own cohort, and stay secluded all to themselves often speaking in their own dialects. And sadly, this happened even in meetings!! They are blatant in their disdain for Blacks, Hispanics and even whites, all of whom they consider non-Brahmin and therefore inferior. After abusing the visa allotment process for years, they’ve taken over the tech sector entirely, and it is impossible for American citizens no matter how qualified to be selected to many of the STEM positions. Why? Because the Indians are also in HR having become the sole gate-keepers for all applicants. Their behavior reeks of racism and their only intent is to takeover the entire US one day, having also gotten into various local, state and federal government positions. As a UK national having become a naturalized US citizen, I saw this firsthand. If they are not stopped, and their visa abuse curtailed, we risk becoming a third world banana republic very soon and will be unable to provide for even the basic needs of the American people. I implore you to not be subjugated by this man, stand your ground and support US workers, the Tech Worker coalition and all those fighting for US jobs to be given to Americans first. Please honor President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy at least while he’s still in office. S. 386 MUST be defeated otherwise the Indians will relentlessly deplete and destroy the American middle class. Thank you in advance Senator Durbin, we know that you are a great and patriotic American and you will always abide by the values and virtues of our great land. Thank you and God bless America!

    • HossCartwright

      This corruption is wide spread – The Trump Administration needs to end all work visas. Durbin do the right thing for American workers & American family’s.

    • Jason please contact Sara Blackwell . I have been in similar situation all my career as you have described. She is collecting evidence and meeting senators.

      • Babaju Sozufe

        Indians are the most racist in the world. They are not welcome anywhere – Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago. Same with W. Indies, Canada-Australia. They take their bad habits everywhere they go.

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