Sikh American Ravi Singh’s ‘Share A Meal’ truck feeds LA’s homeless

Every day, “Share A Meal” rolls out 200 burritos at different locations to serve homeless communities.

Anyone familiar with the American street food culture, would know that food trucks across the US are a wonderful reflection of the culinary diversity and immigrant culture of the country.

But here is a food truck that seems to beautifully reflect the immigrant culture of sharing and loving through food. Los Angeles based Ravi Singh and his wife Jacquie Singh run a unique food service called Share A meal to feed the city’s homeless.

Their zany orange food trucks run across various locations around Los Angeles to serve 200 vegetarian burritos and water to the poor and needy in the area for free.

The totally selfless meal sharing service was started by Ravi Singh as a reflection of his Sikh faith, where feeding the poor and needy is regarded as the greatest service to humanity.

Every evening, a group of volunteers belonging to different races and cultures come to Share A Meal’s central community kitchen to roll rice and beans into burritos, Singh says about his unique service.

“Our mobile kitchens are food trucks that arrive on a regular schedule at different locations on different nights around the city where the homeless populations are concentrated.”

Volunteers meet at these locations and help roll burritos in the first hour of service. In the second hour, they not only serve the hot meals they helped to prepare, but also go out with loving hearts, kind words, and smiles, offering water, and other assistance in the form of socks, blankets, toiletries, and other necessities.

“The volunteer experience is one of humility and an uplifting of their consciousness,” Singh said. “The homeless feel humanized and keep their hopes and dreams alive.”

The “Share A Meal” truck meets at a different location each week day to cater to the homeless concentrated in that area. On Mondays if the team meets at San Pedro St in Los Angeles, on Tuesdays it’s the Sunset Boulevard where the burritos are distributed.

“In order to support our volunteer service nights and maintain the quality of foods and services, the mobile kitchen also hosts occasional food truck fundraisers around the Los Angeles area,” he said.

Here guests can enjoy a range of vegan Indian snacks such as baked samosa chaat platter and Mango Smoothie.

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  1. Satwant sSingh

    This is how a SIKH suppose to live their lives. Our GURU GOBID SINGH JI, taught the humanity “how to live a life”.

    All humans are equal and are SIKHS (STUDENT). Only believe in one GOD and if one wants to reach GOD then follow GURU GOBID SINGH JI’s teaching. Become HUMBLE, SELFLESS SOLDIER of this GREAT GURU and find peace.

    Thank you

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