Indian techie’s sudden death leaves family facing deportation

Prashanth Kommireddy
Prashanth Kommireddy

Fundraiser created for family of Hyderabad native Prashanth Kommireddy, who suffered a stroke at work.

In yet another tragic case, Prashanth Kommireddy, a 38-year-old Indian professional working with American Airlines in Dallas, Texas died after a sudden stroke last week.

Kommireddy was attending a meeting in his office, when he complained of pain and suffered a stroke soon afterwards. He was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed later that day.

Prashanth was working in the US on an H-1B visa for skilled professionals. His dependent wife Divya Kommireddy, who was pregnant gave birth to a baby girl a day after his death. Hailing from Hyderabad, Telengana, the couple have another 3-year-old daughter.

Kommireddy’s colleague at American Airlines, N.C. Santosh from Gajwel, sought Telangana minister KT Rama Rao’s help in arranging an emergency visa for Prashanth’s brother.

The minister in turn contacted the US consulate in Hyderabad to expedite the request.

Well-wishers also set up a GoFundMe page for the family. While many have generously donated for the family, Kommireddy’s colleagues expressed apprehension that his dependent family would now have to deport themselves to India as Kommireddy’s death has left them out of status.


Satish Kumar, a colleague of Kommireddy at American Airlines tweeted: One more sudden demise while on H1B and wife on H4 EAD. She has to leave the country with USA born kids. He is my colleague at American Airlines. We were able to raise 240k in 21 hours but couldn’t help with immigration.”

Some immigration attorneys were quick to respond to Satish Kumar’s plea for help. Immigration lawyer Brent Renison advised that the wife must apply for a 204(I) relief.

Section 204(l) of the Immigration & Nationality Act allows certain beneficiaries to continue with an Immigrant Visa request or Adjustment to Permanent Residence application even after the Form I-130 petitioner (or principal beneficiary) has died.

Another immigration attorney Tiffany L Baldwin wrote: “This is so horrible and is indicative of the fear many of my clients live with.

“I bet if we had no per-country caps this family would already have Green cards and would be mourning without the added stress of being kicked out of the U.S. #S.386 now.”


  1. “We were able to raise 240k in 21 hours”

    This guy worked here for more than 5 years. What is the purpose of fundraiser?

    • Sanjeev Aggarwal

      Its a scam. all these bloody gultis do is scam others. That turd Kondubahatla’s widow became a millionaire with the GoFunkMe scam funds and taking mega $$$ from all sort of charities. Don’t give em a single penny.

  2. My prayers are with the family. God Please give them the strength to deal with Prashanth’s loss.

  3. Very very bad news, Very hard time for Prashanth’wife.

  4. Sanjeev Aggarwal

    Good riddance, kick out all stinking gultis and andies OUT OF THE USA. Fukkers have come here by the planeloads destroying the entire IT industry in the process and depressing salaries for everyone.

    • Sanjay I hope your children die and you face deportation yourself

    • atleast they are here legally, unlike the many kanjus marwadi and stinking dhokla eating gujjus abusing the legal system, employing families in their motels/gas stations. illegally marrying citizens only for greencard. I suggest you look into your own set of people before pointing out fingers on someone who is here legally.

      And pity on your stupid mentality, poor judgement and lack of presence of mind before you blabber out such bullshit on a family in grief.

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