Indian American couple, friend killed in Dallas road accident

Hyderabad native Divya Avula and husband Raja Gavini were out to celebrate Divya’s birthday.

On Sunday, a road trip that an Indian American couple undertook along with a friend in Frisco, Dallas ended in tragedy for all three.

Divya Avula and Raja Gavini, an Indian American couple from Hyderabad in Telangana state, who lived and worked in Dallas were out to celebrate Divya’s birthday with their friend Premnath Ramanatha.

Divya was behind the wheel when their car was hit by another car driven by a juvenile in Dallas, Texas.

While Avula, Gavini and Ramanatha succumbed to the injuries sustained in the accident, juvenile driver of the other car escaped with minor injuries.

Divya’s parents back in Hyderabad were left shattered as they received the news of their daughter’s death when they were about to call her from India to wish her on her birthday.

The couple had dropped their eight-year-old daughter for a class just before the accident.

Divya worked with National Insurance as a programmer, while Raja worked with Wells Fargo. They were on their way to check the construction of a new house they were building in Frisco.

Some of the couple’s relatives who live in the US informed their families back home in India.

Divya’s sister who also lives in Dallas is taking care of the couple’s daughter as the family comes to terms with the tragedy.


  1. Vikas Bhatnagar

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  2. Sanjeev Aggarwal

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    • Yeah, Bania kutiya, bloody penny pincher… Cultureless brutes and people like you hold back India and are a bhoj to earth.. You have no idea and no acquaintance with the victims..and most of all no respect to human life.. shame on you! Northie randie.. Go rot in your little hole..

    • Shame on you to comment in such a manner about this news. This only shows your upbringing and the values your parents had incurred in you.

    • wjo is blaming here? Aggarwals are born frauds.

    • 3 people are dead and a small child has lost both her parents. And this is what you have to say? You need to see a psychiatrist for the hatred that consumes you.

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