Hum some desi tunes to fight Coronavirus blues!

Corona Bhajan

South Asian musicians come up with some catchy tunes for these trying times.

Amid a growing worldwide lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, music lovers across cultures have given free rein to their hidden ‘talents’ to croon your way through these Corona times.

A quick #CoronaSong search on Twitter and Instagram would give you everything from amateur to absurd inspired by the infamous coronavirus.

From songs giving you tips on hand washing to calling Corona the new normal, there is a whole lot of new singers telling you how to fight the viral blues!

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Looks like desi musicians are not too far behind in taking the cues and making music made for the times — spending time in quarantine or working from home in isolation.

But despite calls for social distancing, some desi artists have thrown caution to the winds as they hold bhajan nights singing Corona songs.

While Pakistani artist Ali Zafar’s ‘Ko ko Corona’ has a hummable quality about it, a new video by popular Indian bhajan singer Narendra Chanchal defies all advisories about social distancing,

Posted on You Tube, the song’s setting is something that is enough to send the Center for Disease Control into a tizzy.

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Filmed amidst a crowd of dozens of men singing and swinging to the tortuous lyrics, Chanchal’s ‘Kithon Aaya Corona,’ merrily questions the arrival of Coronavirus.

The lyrics go something like this: while diseases like dengue, chikungunya and swine flu came and went, where did this Coronavirus come from?

If you stay on the Twitter browsing for more Corona songs you are likely to encounter some other auditory assaults.

The majority of the music would make you think that the desi bathrooms singers anonymous club has decided that it is their moment to rise and shine.

But if you stay along you may also chance upon a couple of rather hummable renditions. Pakistani artist Ali Zafar’s, ‘Ko Ko Corona, Hathon Ko Dhona (Wash your hands) , for one effectively delivers the message with some funny lyrics set to foot tapping music

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The sing goes something like this: ‘Zyada Fanney Khan Na Banna Meri Jaan, Bhai ne jo bola sun lo (Don’t try to be a hero my darling and listen to what your brother tells you).

So, if you have some spare time on your hands then do tune in and listen to how Corona is also inspiring artists!


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