Malayalam film ‘Elam’ wins award at Golden State Film Festival


Thampy Antony Thekkek (right), with Vinod Krishna, director of "Elam."
Thampy Antony Thekkek (right), with Vinod Krishna, director of “Elam.”

Vinod Krishnan directed, Thampi Antony starrer is first Malayalam film screened at the LA festival.

A small-budget Malayalam film made without any of the fanfare typically associated with big Hollywood movies has won an award at a Hollywood film festival with entries from across the world.

Directed by debutante Vinod Krishnan, Elam won the best international feature film award at the at the just concluded Golden State Film Festival (GSFF) in Los Angeles.

Elam was made with a lot of love and conviction and perhaps that’s is why it was able to win the hearts of the audiences and the jury, according to the film makers.

Held at Hollywood’s famous landmark TCL Chinese Theatre, the prestigious film festival recognized a film in a regional Indian language from worldwide entries.

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What makes Elam’s win worth noting about is also the fact that it was the first time any Malayalam movie was screened at the festival.

But this is not the first time that Elam has won an international award. Just before this the movie had won the Best Experimental Film Award at the Bayamon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico.

The winning points for the film could be its intriguing script which tells a story unfolding inside a bar. The place, the city or even the country where the events are happening are deliberately left out.

While audiences could know that the setting is that of a big city, rest is open to one’s interpretation. The events as they unfold add to the climax and drama in the movie.

The background score as well as the music are other highlights of the movie. The main characters in the story are played by Thampi Antony, Roshan NG, Kavitha Nair and Josekutty Madathil.

The film is continuing its stellar run as Elam had also been selected for the Rome Independent Film Festival.

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