Indian American president of University of Texas at Arlington quits

Vistasp Karbhari
Dr. Vistasp Karbhari

Vistasp Karbhari’s sudden resignation comes amid reports of a probe into an admissions scandal.

Hailed as a visionary in many academic journals, Dr. Vistasp Karbhari, Indian-American President of the University of Texas at Arlington, has resigned amid reports of a probe into an admissions scandal.

The sudden resignation Friday of Karbhari, a civil engineer who has served as the UT, Arlington’s president since 2013, came as a surprise to the staff and students.

Reports of an investigation into his role in an online nursing education program run by an outside vendor had been doing the rounds in academic circles for some time now.

Karbhari’s resignation is being linked to an investigation that probed allegations of improper ethical and financial dealings with the vendor. Its report was made public just a day before.

University members received the news of Karbhari’s resignation through a letter by University of Texas System Chancellor James Milliken.

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“I am grateful to President Karbhari for his commitment to the University of Texas at Arlington,” he wrote. “And I commend him on the difficult decision to step down now so the university can devote its full attention to the important issues at hand.”

Last year, an independent audit was conducted by the University of Texas system following an anonymous complaint submitted to the Texas State Auditor’s Office.

Audit firm Protiviti’s investigation into the allegations revealed that UTA’s online nursing education program run by an outside vendor violated UTA and UT System policies and state laws.

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The audit also raised questions about an admissions program called Direct Admit, which allowed online transfer students to enroll in one of the UTA nursing programs.

The program came under the scanner over allegations that it did not check the underlying academic credentials of the students.

According to the investigation report the program ignored standard admission procedures while also potentially allowing under-qualified students to enroll.

The report also alleged some other serious violations such as improper financial dealings between the vendor and UTA officials including Karbhari.

Karbhari and UTA categorically denied all the allegations calling the report “flawed”.

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Apart from audit investigations, there were also accusations against Karbhari of bullying a female academician who was fired from her job last year.

While Karbhari had earlier this month announced his intention to step down on August 31, his sudden resignation with immediate effect came as a complete surprise.

Karbhari was a former provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is a respected name in the field of research in composite materials and structural engineering.


  1. Martin Hoffmeister

    Are all Indians generally called Madhurchods and Bhosadiks? Someone once told me those are the highest titles in that country. Kinda like Herr Doktor in German. Just wondering.

  2. George Q Tyrebyter

    Chucklehead liberal SJWs have been making covert racism charges. The ethnic background of this corrupt cheater are COMPLETELY RELEVANT. Indians are cheaters. That’s the key trait of Indian heritage. This has happened over and over – Wright State University, now here, Indian cheaters. Get an Indian into a high position of trust, and they will take advantage.

    • Sethu N.J.

      So true as USA holds ransom of whole world with their nukes and Petro dollar. On what basis you have moral high ground dude ? Are you not a racist or biased with your comment ?

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    hey melinda, ask your husband Bill, he will quickly tell you that all the deshis are crooks and cheats, hence the need to qualify, identify and label this dude. All they do is fake their resumes, lie on visa applications, steal jobs and when they come to USA, cheat and deceive the system to the MAX. Corruption is part of an Indian’s DNA and this is good example of it.

  4. Why is the headline Indian American?? Cmon man, what difference does that make. Irresponsible reporting. Shame on you and the editor of this paper. If you keep feeding racism it will never get better. We expect better.

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    Why do you have to qualify his race on your title? That is ridiculous!

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