NJ Gov. Phil Murphy signs order to grant temporary license to immigrant doctors to serve in COVID-19 response

Phil Murphy
Gov. Phil Murphy; photo credit: NJ.com

The order temporarily authorizes the practice in New Jersey of foreign doctors in good standing in other jurisdictions and it takes effect immediately.

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey today signed an executive order that will go a long way in helping the state fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Murphy signed the executive order that authorizes to grant temporary licenses to doctors licensed in foreign countries. The order also temporarily reactivates licenses of recently retired health care professionals.

Gov. Murphy said about his new order, “My Administration is working tirelessly with our hospital systems and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to expand bed capacities, reopen closed hospitals, and erect field medical stations to prepare for additional COVID-19 cases.” He added:

“We need trained, experienced medical personnel to ensure proper staffing as we build out this new capacity, which is why we have put out the call to retired health care professionals to join our fight and support our existing workforce. By signing this executive order, we are removing bureaucratic roadblocks to quickly bring more health care professionals into our efforts and provide additional flexibility and protections for our front-line responders to aid in New Jersey’s response to COVID-19.”

The order that takes effect immediately, also states: “Even as we institute social distancing measures, the number of COVID-19 cases in New Jersey is anticipated to continue to increase for the immediate future, meaning we must take all possible steps to expand our healthcare system’s capacity to treat those who require emergency or intensive care;

The governor’s order details: “in addition to steps already taken by my Administration to expand access to telemedicine and telehealth and to facilitate temporarily the licensure of out-of-state healthcare professionals, it is in the public interest to expeditiously expand the supply of available and qualified healthcare professionals permitted to treat New Jersey patients, by temporarily reactivating the licenses of recently retired New Jersey healthcare professionals; by temporarily authorizing the practice in New Jersey of foreign doctors in good standing in other jurisdictions.”


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  1. Dr. Rafi I Farkhad

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a Surgeon, educated, trained and professionally worked in several foreign countries including Ireland. FRCSI Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Degree is one of the esteem qualification I have earned beside several other certificates and assignments, research and Teaching experience.
    I also had my Credential Evaluation by World Education Services (WES) to US equivalency, which they have given me as Doctor of Medicine (MD).
    My Professional circumstances changes once I have moved to America after marriage. My wife Razia Awan MD is a physician with many years of practice in New Jersey. I am working as Manager and Medical Scribe for three years in Awan Razia MD Health Care Services. I am very eager and interested in to participate in a fight against covid-19 pandemic where I could utilize my knowledge with experience. I have more than 30 years of experience as a Physician.

    I will take pride working in such capacities and will provide me a sense of accomplishment making use of years of my education and experience.
    Please guide me how to apply for a Medical license in such a situation.

    I will be please to meet and discuss further.

    With best regards,
    Rafi I Farkhad
    MBBS, FRCSI (Doctor of Medicine)

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