Small business will save big business: New pandemic thinking


The normal system of 100 days ago is all but broken. How will the post-coronavirus economies look like?

Pandemic economic mastery is not your traditional academic exercise; it is all about hard core entrepreneurial survival coping with the realities, as the normal system of 100 days ago nothing but a broken model in most nations.

How SME will save big business?  Without grassroots prosperity big business has limited oxygen; when punch-drunk consumption is the only model for western economies to thrive, the consumer must be alive, ticking and flush with payroll money. Otherwise national economies based on pure crazy consumption models will now require breathalyzer tests to prove their driving of their economic engines. Furthermore; around the world, 30% downtown real estate slipping away, 30% of world economy looking 1940 style, billion unemployed and little on the table as jobs solutions, it will only be the small business, if any left that will provide some stability and peace at local community level but not the big old business like unpredictable thundering clouds on the move. Acquire mastery on new post pandemic economy thinking very fast as after next 100 days you may be explaining your future.

Survival fronts — three life altering realities come into play: as each are not new funding hungry but execution staved. Optimization of national entrepreneurial talent deployed in simultaneous synchronization, plus uplifting women entrepreneurialism across the nation and national mobilization of national small medium size businesses on digital platforms all with upskilling and exportability to stabilize nation’s largest working base. Study new blueprints on digital and post pandemic mastery.

Most powerful undercurrents: Downtown real estate now un-affordable to “offices” un-acceptable to “office workers” and no-real-value to “office work” itself… as any un-digitized paper-work-flow, paper-power-chase -hierarchy dying models awaiting digitization. Furthermore, more seriously the downtown retail and possibly bar restaurant scene starts going dark. Brand new blueprints needed to work out “remote-working” and online retail components. Face the facts boldly and apply new dimensions, as denier will end up shuttered.

Naseem Javed

Post-coronavirus economies will seriously challenge trade groups around the world, like on their precise role on digital platforms to foster the SME growth of the world. The SME are just not a small bicycle repair shop or someone with a sewing machine, majorities are smart entrepreneurs, AI, AR, VR connected to small and medium size enterprises and anxious to jump into digital platforms and expand globally. Global age has now altered old perceptions and digitalization provided new wings. National mobilizations with upskilling are the missing links all over the world. Local Chambers and trade associations can shine and play a major role.

FACT: 500 million SME of the world and billion entrepreneurs on march, time for new wisdom.

Calling National Leadership: The new pandemic economic world needs new styles of national leadership ready to remove old luggage and replacing with new options, allowing upside down entrepreneurial models to start working. We have a global crisis; therefore, we need global workable solutions. Our exceptionalism is only good when pursuing common good for all. Rest is fakery

Key Challenges: When will the national purse get empty on helicopter money?  How many nations even have a helicopter? How high are the debt ceilings possible? How many nations have any magical printing presses?

The Pandemic Economy Mastery: Taking the common sense approach; creating rains of upskilling, reskilling and mobilization of entrepreneurialism and uplift working citizenry. SME to uplift productivity imbalances, create highly efficient umbrella bodies to make things happen, eliminate bureaucracies and bring bullet speed global access. This is very hard on fermented bureaucracies of the world.

Recreate college university education models, and deploy world-class upskilling models. Only a major revolution will fix this and now it’s revolutionary times. No time left to waste as the youth of the world needs better footing.

Re-define office-work and mandate world-class remote working protocols for billions. Declare office work and commuting cruel and unnecessarily expensive. Create now high quality global standards on remote working.

Daily briefings for full year so national leaderships shine every day with new innovative ideas. The best mandate of a national leader now is to face the nation daily and deal with truth. Finally, political posturing will dramatically change. Hard core politics should replace itself in non-partisan Marshal Plan styles and execution or face restless citizenry and populism.

With 200 nations in open races it’s time to collaborate and create bridges with diversity and tolerance. The world is always open to solve mankind’s issues with diversity and tolerance leaving politics behind.
If the futurism is workless, so what will it take to fix it, today? Start by facing the truth as a new lesson, embrace change as new lifestyle, accept digitization as new standard, and humanizing of technologies as a way to support mankind.

The rest is easy

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. He can be connected via LinkedIn:


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