Pandemic recovery: Upskilling broken economies

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

New models and new thinking should emerge.

The pandemic recovery starts by upskilling broken economies and here are few key challenges: How within a nation, uplifting working citizenry by creating massive occupational engagements may save nations from restless citizenry and possible anarchy? How immediate upskilling of small medium enterprises may create healthy advancements towards quality productions that may open some exportability? How altering national business models more driving towards real value creation over value manipulations to create additional confidence in investments and growth? How mobilization towards grassroots prosperity will stabilize regional economic development local job creation? How do you save the post pandemic economy by identifying national hidden talents of entrepreneurial men and women and shining on digital stage?

All of the above is mostly common sense; therefore making it critically difficult when facing the harsh realities. In most nations, common sense dialogue is the enemy of the state. Study deeply. All of the above is not new funding hungry it is execution starved. Lack of mass deployment-skills or global experiences on platform economies often the main issues. Nevertheless, start with basic small logical steps towards right directions; creating workable agenda by managing specific issues, crisis-by-crisis, isolating their systemic interlinking. Identification and acceptance of the damage caused by broken system is already 50% of the solution, advancements and alternate routes with latest technologies brings another 25% of solutions, add new global thinking and optimize local hidden talents of men and women of the nation to create a solid base. New models and new thinking emerge. Lead with seeking diversity and tolerance creating equality and wisdom. So how do you start?

Office-commute meets remote-working: Physicality of old-office-administration routines impacting some billion big and small offices around the world are almost passé, at least in all the developed economies, basically if you commute to an office now considered outdated, remote working with intellectual freedom now superior performance. Today, entire office work of any tall skyscraper easily shrunk into a twist, turns software managed like a Rubik Cube tossed into Cloud at 1% cost and 1000% efficiencies only precluded by downtown real estate management. Commuting to work declared cruel and cubical entrapments declared damaging to mind. These are bold issues, study deeply and ask tough questions.

Mental-divide meets digital-divide: The challenge to ‘Change’ directly related to mental-divides, where insecurities and fears of replacement by computers preclude bold discussions on internal digitalization of operations. The world is already deeply stuck in old processing, ignored over decade, missing almost free digitalization to allow standing up to global competitiveness of productivity performance and profitability. Now, offering upskilling to all from top to down, as free rewards for unlimited uplifting into digital world will switch mental divides into digital divides. The platform economies are agile and swift, such transformational changes do not requires feasibilities and case studies, just push buttons to implement and rapid mobilization of public and private secrets and enter global age efficiencies.

Value-manipulations meet value creation: The biggest challenge is the definition of success within a nation. If for some reason Stock Markets are the prime measurements, the USA example shows the gravity of such thinking.  Currently, the highest record-breaking Stock Market progress in US, declared as ever in the history according to President Trump, while juxtaposed with 50 million currently unemployed, raises the mummified skeleton of the hologramic economy of USA. The new post pandemic world is not going for holograms and schemes, rather for more fro grassroots prosperity via brick and mortar value-creation structures. The recovery age may eliminate commonly practiced routine practices where a million dollar factory somehow ends up with 100 million dollar market evaluations a norm. Humankind problems need humankind solutions, with integrity, diversity, equality and tolerance.

Traditional education meets corporal punishment; As we advance, at least, business degrees, instantly recalled as mostly defective and fully refunded with penalty fines, the trillion dollars in student loans fully forgiven. These lingering debates on what value universities and colleges are offering will crash one day and apologies will pour in. University, College Education is needed going forward, but only when all offered as free. There is no need to waste many more years, creating debts paid over decade and miss-out on future. University and Colleges are now for much darker for the future. Tread accordingly. To rectify the superior skills gaps, start catching-up the time lost, to survive the damages caused to quality productivity, only fast track national immersions may find the cure.  Start by identifying 1000 or 1000,000 high potential small and midsize enterprises and starts upskilling in a region or a nation, and create a national agenda to quadruple their performance on innovative excellence and exportability. No, this will not happen by simply going back to same institutions with some buzzing digital app and zoom.

Old institutions meet pandemic economy: There is no time to waste on any justification. Deploy digitization of top national trade Associations, Chambers of Commences to upgrade to excellent digital platforms so that their entire membership can skate nationally, and globally highlighting their goods and services. Apply “National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols” This is a global age revolution based on entrepreneurial mobilization… study Pentiana Project. There are special sets of skills required to uplift midsize business economy during pandemic recovery. Study deeply. Solutions spread around the world. National leadership on such call is missing.

National leadership must perform with daily briefings: Visible live on global stage, some 200 nations tackling their own internal battles and demonstrating their own execution styles of mobilization; so what has Coronavirus taught the world. We now live in an age of the mobilized LIVE leadership; nothing more impressive is to watch your own Head of State in daily briefings. The national leadership boldly visible, tackling difficult questions, conflicting issues, repetitive arguments reaching climax and good ideas fostering safety and uplifting national morale, all in all good signs on teleprompter-less live, open and bold leadership. Well done, because, out of sight, out of reach, pass-the-buck leadership or mysteriously backroom operations are now outdated. National leadership can optimize their agenda and articulate bold and open economic strategies so the citizenry advance on grassroots prosperity. Build solid stage for daily briefings. Pandemic recovery is mostly about our own mental endurance to industrialize our minds for better-modeled growth, our own emotional endurance to tackle critical thinking and complex problem solving and accepting dead silence as a sign of weakness solving major economic problems.

The rest is easy.

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. He can be connected via LinkedIn:


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