Pandemic recovery: Mastery of Covidism required

Thomas Eakins 1889

Don’t fix the broken model — just break it, as current models are part of the gradual evolutions from last century with lot of broken entrapments.

The Pandemic recovery now demands Mastery of Covidism to survive; like a massive beehive smashed, swarms on the loose, and every national leadership searching for safety nets. This time, good ideas need true origination, authoritative execution and national mobilization, because mastery of economic survival during pandemic recovery is not just a degree, certificate or job-title, it is a tactical battlefield in need for trained warriors. With 200 nations engulfed in post-covid-19 calamities, each with economic paralysis of sorts trapped and bound seeking collaborative models to survive.  Normal of yesterday now best forgotten as new abnormal calls mastery where best of our hidden talents shine. Where is all that so called success of the world touted only 100 days ago so profoundly claimed as victory, where is all that leadership worshiped as heavenly, all tumbled into reality for being nothing but hallucinations and fakery?

New Mantra; originate, execute and mobilize, nations with deeper understanding of mobilization of grassroots economies and upskilling small medium business economy on digital platforms will have faster recoveries.

Best not to fix the broken model; just break it, as current models were part of the gradual evolutions from last century with lot of broken entrapments; Start on a blank sheet, fresh and self-discovered digital mind. Best do not fix old models but discard them.

Best not rush to create a new model; the old models often were rush cut-paste or copycat models, the glut across the world is obvious, originality never not acquired by copying but by deeper understanding; this differentiates a car to a Ferrari. Dive deep and find the pearl. Acquire skills to differentiate between glass and diamond, this skill alone will save from all the shinny junk. Best not rush to create a model without deep understanding of global age skills sets.

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

Best acquire mastery; at the end of the day highly skilled leaders swing entrepreneurialism to drive business models. Match inner strengths and special external skills to design a highly functional global age entrepreneurial strategy. Fake and weak ideas will only dwindle away as always. The new world will crush mediocrity, as any productivity and performance once lined up on any global digital platforms must always be good enough to pass the test or kicked out.

Institutionalized Recovery: The century old, International Chamber of Commerce with 11,000 Chambers in 200 countries and combined membership of 45,000,000 members is the world largest business organism. This is an extraordinary achievement like no other business-body in the history of commerce. The pandemic recovery now demands global synchronization on digital platforms. WTO is another great global body, stuck in some deep fog of yester years. However, in order to achieve such sophistication a massive training and orientation program critically needed for thousands of Chambers still trapped in old thinking.

Now when 100,000 major trade associations across the world added to this critical mass suddenly come under spotlight on economic fronts and under microscope on digital platform modeled economies. Imagine if all were on digital platforms and had upskilling features now declared as the missing links to saving economies all over the world. With bold and authoritative debates on centrality of upskilling and delivered nation-by-nation lot gained. What is topping this? This is not a wave rather a sea change. We have some bold ideas…

The SME Economy criteria: Size matters, for now the big businesses at least in the developed nations have mostly secured a powerful posturing for the coming decade: Thanks to the Coronavirus chaos and unlimited rains of stimulus. Small Medium Enterprises acquired needed popularity on podiums, plus largest stimulus in history of business. However, business modeling will create amazing opportunities for nations cognizant of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to uplift economy and upskilling of SME on grand scale. The bars on quality of productivity, performance and profitability just rose extremely high. Emerging economies have a new opportunity to start on new blank pages. The do or die economies can optimize digitization as best safety nets.

The progression criteria: The global shift towards digital-mindedness will displace billion office workers stuck in old thinking. The progressions of human resources hidden in self-discovery of Emotional Endurance will determine output and range of the performance. The post pandemic world is all about fearless forward march. Self-discovery and self-optimization declared as daily routines while upskilling and reskilling a daily national mandate allowing full focus on high quality productivity, performance and profitability to create local grassroots prosperity. Mind and stamina over entrepreneurialism will change the picture and only for those nations, prioritizing fertile landscapes eliminating the jungles of bureaucracies and red tapes. The new post pandemic world stops for no single nation.

The self-discovery criteria: Armed chaired tycoons of last century drew railway lines, industrial plants and housing to mobilize working class, now independently armed five billion alpha dreamers will carve digital platform accessibility to layout their mobility and carve cities and suburbia with pulse of nation’s economy. How cognoscente of such progressions are national economic development agencies of nation and what records of accomplishment do them posses to advance?

Warm facts and cold realities;  50% downtowns of the world will not survive, 50% of office towers will go empty, 50% of office workers will work remote, 50% retail shops will not survive, 50% economies may lose a decade during recovery.

Why there are still no G50 or G100 gathering with bold open debates? Why there are not yet open umbrella discussions on such global calamity? Why everyone focused on their own vertical markets, ignoring the entire global landscape and its inter-relationships? Who is hiding what for whom?

Key Question:
Are cities and national regions ready for national mobilization of entrepreneurialism?
Are national Chambers and associations in agreement on upskilling small medium enterprises?
Is there a national agenda to quadruple innovative excellence and exportability?
How skilled are local leaderships of agencies on such national-global deployments?
How fast-track upskilling will add digital-mindedness and create quality exports centricity?
How simultaneous synchronization uplifts upskilling of 1000 to 100,000 SME on a fast track basis?
How these issues are not new funding hungry, they are execution starved, and so what is stopping?
How national umbrella created via Live Roundtable discussions and streamed to 100,000 stakeholders?

The Summary: create a culture of open and bold debates on corporate affairs and business strategies, create large umbrellas for various trade groups to come under, feeling welcomed and  respected and attract diversity, tolerance and equality…a brand new unstoppable world is unfolding.

The rest is easy.

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. He can be connected via LinkedIn:


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