Sampat Shivangi elected RNC delegate for fifth time

Dr. Sampat S. Shivangi
Dr. Sampat S. Shivangi

Indian American Republican to attend Florida party convention to name Trump as presidential candidate.

Dr Sampat Shivangi, the national president of Indian-American Forum for Political Education, has been elected a delegate to the Republican National Convention (RNC) for the fifth time in a row.

The Indian American physician will be attending the Aug 24-27 RNC in Jacksonville, Florida to formally anoint President Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for the November presidential elections.

“This convention and the upcoming presidential election is going to be historic for our nation, possibly for India and to the whole world,” said Shivangi in a statement posted on his website.

“I am glad that I can contribute a little, to my beliefs in nation building,” he said. “This is my fifth time to be part of the RNC delegation to nominate and help to elect our next President of USA.”

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The Mississippi Republican was first elected as a delegate the Republican convention in New York City in 2004, to nominate President George W Bush.

In 2008, he was elected as a Republican delegate at Minneapolis to nominate John McCain and in 2012 at Tampa, to nominate Mitt Romney.

In 2016, Shivangi attended the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio as a delegate to nominate Trump for the first time.

“It is a great honour to be a part of this historic convention to re-nominate and re-elect Trump for another four years,” he said.

“Under President Trump, the United States has made unprecedented progress,” Shivangi said noting, “Until, we were hit by coronavirus, the US economy was at an all time best.”

“And to top it all, under President Trump, India and Indian-Americans have the best ever friend in the White House,” he added.

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Shivangi is the founding member of the Republican Indian council and the Republican Indian National Council formed to promote Trump’s agenda after his 2016 election.

The Indian American Forum for political Education that he heads is described as one of the oldest Indian American associations.

For the last three decades Shivangi has lobbied for bills in US congress on behalf of India, his website claims.

Close to Bush family, he was instrumental in lobbying for first Diwali celebration in the White house and President George W. Bush’s trip to India in March 2006, it says. He had also accompanied President Bill Clinton during his historic visit to India in March 2000.

Shivangi served as an advisor to the Health & Human Services Department in the Bush administration. He also served as a member of the Mississippi State Board of Health and as Chair of the State Board of Mental Health.

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