Pandemic Recovery: the difficult questions

Pandemic recovery
“House of Commons 1914” by Leopold Braun 1914

The pandemic recovery is no longer election theatrics, but all about Mastery of Covidism, finding experts to deal with recessions and depressions.


Tribulations, transformations and triangulations: Suddenly, across the world, new transformations of minds, triangulations of economic developments and life altering tribulations appear. First, the warm facts and cold realities, as no further proof required, as most economies of the world will be shrink-wrapped soon.  No further validation needed, as unlimited printing monies will only flush down economies.  No further denial accepted, as hologramic stock markets would not save the jobs or nations.

When facing truth becomes taboo; facing music suddenly becomes a new occupation; understanding cries of public a new art and swimming against economic currents a new science. In the end, it is the critical analysis and complex problem solving to capture the dodging truth a new survival strategy. The pandemic recovery is no longer election theatrics but all about Mastery of Covidism, isolating novices and finding expert to deal with recessions, depressions and economic compressions.

The world economies suddenly lost their innocence; now broken and punch-drunk facing adult courts.

The current challenges: The condensed and liquefied pouring of old time bureaucracies in a blender creating variety of shakes to allow witnessing of collapsing economies is all about some acquired taste. Based on competitive competency of performances, the failing of institutionalized bureaucracies across the world and evaporated confidence in political systems, now need tough stomach to fathom harsh economic realities. Is this a systemic, slow motion exploitation of national resources in deep silence or some sort of pandemic recovery?

There is no time to waste; like applying architectural approach to building skyscrapers, floor-by-floor planning rules and laws, definitely not random stacking of floors that will only crumble down. Stable economies are no different; the pandemic recovery has come to bite hard on free falling of both hard and soft assets and old infrastructures, combined as perfect storm.

The Flat-liner economies; where business and economic leaderships of big and small nations comfortably accepted, the YouTube as a free mother-university to find billion ideas and million coaches as complimentary lifelong learning gift to keep their working citizenry amused at advanced TikTok tempo to become ‘fake it till you make it’ experts. Million free coaching samples only confuse and destroy minds; million free loading ideas only out-focus and crush enterprises. Once formal upskilling abandoned, critical thinking and complex problem solving sacrificed and working citizenry isolated at the bottom of globalization chase, serious damage on skills occurred. Now, all this about will become clearly visible when the march of the billion unemployed starts across the cities.

When were the best times to “digitize” economies…it was a decade ago.  When were the best times to “design” productivity and performance…it was decade ago. When were the best times to “upskilling” working citizenry…it was also a decade ago.

TRIBULATIONS: 50% of downtown of the world may not survive, 50% of tall office towers may go empty, 50% of retail shops may go under, 50% businesses may never open, 50% of displaced may not have any jobs soon, 50% of office workers may only work remote, 50% economies may lose a decade to recover, 50% economies hailed success now mostly illusions, 50% political leadership may lose power, 50% life may change forever

A new shine across the globe is entering into boardrooms; a new awakening is enforced and new shifts emerge;

TRANSFORMATIONS: 100% original new concepts underway around the world, 100% new skill-transformation underway for new economies, 100% new global thinking connecting and shaping new platforms, 100% new vision shaping brand new voice over fakery, 100% rejection of old competency over new thinking, 100% new entrepreneurial mobilization as rescue, 100% rise on diversity, tolerance and equality issues, 100% critical thinking to face the truth and march forward, 100% positive attitudes on newer bolder options, 100% acceptance of metamorphosis of changing world

A new order of global synchronization is appearing and requires sophisticated understanding of global trading skills and innovative excellence on exportability on platform economies.

TRIANGULATIONS: The CHINDUSA factor is where China, India and USA already in a spiral where any two players will easily push the third. The global commercial real estate on down town centrality may not be able to cope with 50% remote working and sink retail with it. The global shifts towards distributed hierarchies will create broader gender free, diverse workplace culture and bring global business understanding closer. A new zoom series under way with high-level discussions and debates by Expothon team to covers such hot topics in greater depths.

Stand up and claim your expertise: Why is regional or national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and upskilling of small midsize business base cross the nation stalled? Why if ever there was a national or regional bold debate on these specific topics? What possible forces are stopping such activities and why? Depending on style and type of skilled leadership and based on geographic location of nations some amazing opportunities are alive and active. Especially when all such thinking is not new funding dependent as these are all deployment hungry and execution starved steps.

The rest is easy

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. He can be connected via LinkedIn:


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