Living in at the Fairy-tale Tijara Fort Palace

An aerial view of Tijara Fort-Palace and the breathtaking countryside
An aerial view of Tijara Fort-Palace and the breathtaking countryside.

Set on its own secluded Greenland within a Fort Palace, Tijara is the perfect heritage non hotel in one of Rajasthan’s most coveted locations.

By Akanksha Dean

Driving in from Delhi, I notice it’s clean and green all around and the moment I enter the gates of Tijara Fort Palace, I forget the Corona World outside and pause taking in the incomplete genius of three structures, constructed in the Rajput-Afghan elegance with early regal stimuli: the Mardana, Rani Mahal and an aspiration palace on the edge of a plateau, viewing a water body called the Hawa Mahal aka palace of winds. An air of tranquility sets in and I am led to my room.

Mardana Mahal at Tijara Fort Palace
Mardana Mahal at Tijara Fort Palace

Traditional and cosmopolitan

A staycation at the Tijara Fort Palace means loads of fun, and the experience of a unique culture and heritage at a very affordable price. I grow into this magical mayhem as I spend a few days uncovering the Fort Palace’s charms.  I love waking up in a once unfinished and abandoned palace that has now been fondly restored and made into a dream. I am in love with my 175-year-old room with thick vaulted ceilings made of lentils and jiggery smashed in a lime mortar to strengthen the fort walls. I can’t help but admire the labyrinthine spaces, corridors, stairways, courtyards and quaint rooms overhauled with vintage furniture and art to re-form a setting that is much better than it was in the passé times when the great characters from history lived without running water, electricity or air conditioning. I step back in time and binge in the grandeurs and anonymities of the past. Whether it is living, dining, sightseeing or relaxing, the Fort Palace’s multiple lifestyle features under one roof make Neemrana’s Tijara a complete destination in itself. And… The views are extraordinary!

Akanksha Dean enjoying the stunning view.
Writer Akanksha Dean enjoying the stunning view.

Food and mood

The apogee of my vacation here, apart from the appeal and the view, is unquestionably the food. I am able to truly appreciate Rajasthani cuisine in its own context and in surroundings, which are reminiscent of the banquets and dinners that the Royal family may have hosted for generations. From Dal Baati Choorma to Lal Maas to the best Palak Aloo Ka Saag in the world, the menu is curated as per your preference and the chef has a penchant for digging out recipes and creating magic on the plate.

Fast facts

WHAT: 19th Century Tijara Fort Palace
WHERE: Alwar, Rajasthan, 100 kms from Delhi
TEL: +91-124- 4666 166 (8 am to 8pm)/ +91 9587885003

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