Indian American Republican Danny Gaekwad launches ad blitz for Trump

Danny Gaekwad and his wife, Manisha, with President Trump.
Danny Gaekwad and his wife, Manisha, with President Trump.

Danny Gaekwad’s “Trump Hai to Safe Hai” campaign again takes a cue from India’s Modi.

With President Donald Trump trailing in the polls, an avid Indian American supporter has launched an ad campaign on 30 Indian channels, targeting the community which has emerged as a key constituency in the 2020 presidential election.

Taking a cue from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign slogan, “Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai” (“With Modi, it’s possible”), the “Trump Hai to Safe Hai” (“With Trump, it’s safe”) campaign highlights the U.S. president’s support for India and his commitment to maintain law order and economic recovery, among other topics.

“I saw that President Trump is wounded in the race. So I’m spending my own money to support him,” Ocala, Florida,-based serial entrepreneur Digvijay “Danny” Gaekwad told the American Bazaar.

“In recent months, I have had opportunities to engage the president and Vice President Mike Pence in person,” he said. “I’m convinced that Trump is the right person to lead America and spearhead an economic recovery.”

“Indian American votes are going to be crucial in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Ohio,” said the Baroda, Gujarat, -born Gaekwad. “I believe Indian television channels are the best way to reach many of the first-generation voters from the community.”

Adapting another Modi slogan that the Trump campaign used in the 2016 election, a one-minute ad urges 1.8 million Indian American voters to get Trump back into office again.

Indian American hotelier Danny Gaekwad (left) with Vice President Mike Pence in Orlando on Wednesday. Gaekwad represented AAHOA at a roundtable of business leaders hosted by Pence on reopening the economy.
Indian American hotelier Danny Gaekwad (left) with Vice President Mike Pence in Orlando on May 20, 2020. Gaekwad represented AAHOA at a roundtable of business leaders hosted by Pence on reopening the economy.

The “Ek Bar Aur, Trump Sarkar!!!” (“Once more, Trump administration”) ad has Gaekwad telling voters “Why Trump? Very easy. He is a friend of India. He has proved himself, he is a friend of India.”

Citing the issues of Kashmir and the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), he says, when the whole world was criticizing India and Modi, Trump never meddled in Indian affairs.

“We don’t want a president of America, who meddles in our world or tells us who is to be selected or elected or go and tell us what to do,” says Gaekwad. “We want a friend. When we need help, he helps us, when he needs help, we help them.”

“This time president Trump needs help from us,” says Gaekwad, urging Indian Americans to vote for him and get him reelected.

The ad ends with Gaekwad giving a double thumbs up and saying, “Ek Bar Aur Trump Sarkar” (“Once more, Trump administration”).

A short 15-second ad simply plays a part of the president’s speech relating to the Indian Americans at Trump’s “Namaste Trump” rally with Modi in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, during his India visit in February.

With visuals of Trump and Modi, the president is heard saying, “In America, we have come to know the splendor of Indian culture personally, through the 4 million Indian Americans living in the United States as our wonderful friends, colleagues, and neighbors.  They are truly spectacular people.”

Another 30-second, “Why not Trump,” ad has Gaekwad describing Trump as “a president who is willing to stop the looters and arsonists trying to take over our property which we built with a life time of hard work.”

Calling “defund the police”  as “the most nonsense idea I have ever heard in my life,” he thanks Florida governor Ron DeSantis  and Trump  “for stopping these looters and arsonists and please keep doing it.”

Gaekwad  again urges the “Indian Americans, our community to vote for the president. “Trump Hai to Safe Hai” (“With Trump, It’s safe).

Other ads highlight Trump administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) and economic recovery.

A first-generation Indian American businessman, Gaekwad is the founder and CEO of NDS USA Information Technology, an IT firm, and Danny G Management that runs a chain of restaurants and hotels across Florida.

He is one of the largest Indian American GOP donors and bundlers in the nation, having donated and raised money for some of the top Republican leaders, including Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Rick Scott and former Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, besides a number of congressmen and local officials.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (second from left) and First Lady Casey DeSantis (left) at a Diwali reception he hosted at the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee on November 6, 2019. Also seen are prominent Indian American Republican donor Danny Gaekwad (center), his wife Manisha Gaekwad (second from right) and community leader Piyush Agarwal. Photo credit: Stephens Multimedia Agency

Last year, he helped DeSantis host the Diwali celebration at his official residence. It was the first time that the Festival of Lights was celebrated at the 114-year-old People’s House of Florida.

Gaekwad serves on several boards including, the University of Central Florida, Enterprise Florida, Inc., Visit Florida, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Marion County Visitor and Convention Bureau, Marion County Tourism Development Council, Marion County Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Space Florida, Independence National Bank, and Taylor, Bean & Whitaker.

Gaekwad lives in Ocala with his wife, Manisha Gaekwad, and two sons Karan Gaekwad and Kunal Gaekwad.


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  1. Mr. Gaewkwad is 1000% right. DJT is a friend to India. While DJT has made a lot of mistakes and can certainly behave better, stop lying and improve a number of things, he did many things right. He stood up to China in a way no US President has done (to safeguard our economic interests while hypocritically calling out Communist nations and fundamentalism everywhere else). Unemployment is the lowest it has ever been. And minorities, REAL minorities in the US, ie those that are socially and economically disadvantaged Latins and Blacks are more employed they ever before. Energy Efficiency is the best its ever been. Finally, he is a friend to India. Democratic administrations have NEVER been friendly to Indians. Neither is the mass media -EVERY SINGLE story the NYT prints is sensational, overblown or just false. They won’t print that over a billion people voted peacefully or a woman ran the country in the 1960s (nearly 100 years before we will see one here) but they will run a story about Muslims being persecuted by Modi. What???!!! Modi was voted in by the majority of Indians including the second largest majority of Muslims in the world. They don’t have facts. The media and democrats have no facts and are advised by even more ignorant Indians and Indian Americans (that also read the NYT ). These are people with no background that support “free Kashmir” movements without understanding the history and that Kashmir is already free and also a part of India. For Gods sake its the cradle of Hinduism. These are the people that set up Islamic schools all over in PAKISTAN. Really? And found Osama Bin Laden “hiding” in an ARMY Complex in Pakistan. And yet they will support Pakistan, failed and terrorist state over the largest Democracy in the world. They have no knowledge about the rest of the world but administer and manage it. Very typically liberal. If you don’t agree with them you are immoral, racist and misogynist. I think Mr. Gaekwad gets it. And unfortunately the rest of the US won’t get it till their own civilization is destroyed from within by these liberal socialist forces.

  2. What an idiot..he hasn’t got a clue of what’s actually going on India or America. I wonder if he even knows what’s going on in his backyard. It’s thanks to these kind of ignorant brainwashed people that India is still sinking in economically, culturally and in lot of other ways as compared to China. And, they think they know what’s better for Americans? really? Rather than being progressive, they want to support a narcissistic, xenophobic, racist, ignorant, disgusting wanna be dictator baby Drumpf. People like these are soo ignorant and blindfolded they wouldn’t know when a tsunami of change is hitting right in their face, while they were too busy trying to figure out how to make that toy gun work. Good luck getting a couple of like minded sheeple to vote for your guy.

  3. Sharmila Chakraverty

    Nope! For tRump.


    The ads by Digvijay Gaekwad are laughable. How can he use Modi pics with Trump who fooled Modi in getting endorsement of him. Indians forget that it is a democratic administration which enabled come to India as immigrants. You can review the Republic’s immigrant policy which stoped H visa for Indians. Their policy is inhuman which separated children from their parents. It is Trump who bullied Modi to send anti malaria drug. He does not shy away mimicking Modi in private and takes digs at Modi’s English. He calls India a filthy country during debate with Biden. You must have to oblivion to the facts if you want to want to vote for the person who is no body friend except himself. He has no values, pays someone to take admission test for college, cheats his family out of their share from the estate, lies like crazy, makes fun of physically challenged people, does not respect woman, ran a bogus university
    and refuses to disclose his tax returns.


      I noticed there are few typos and use of repeated words. I regret this oversight.

    • Gaekwad appears to be a total jerk. Trump has done nothing for India in the last four years in spite of tall promises. As far as China is concerned, any Administration, Republican or Democrat, will require India’s support. More importantly, we live in America and our first priority should be which President will administer this country better. Does Gaekwad really think this incompetent, corrupt, amoral, lying, cheating, erratic buffoon is the answer? Which alternate universe is he living in?

  5. You Stuppied Trump is saying that India is Filthy and you are going to Vote him ‘ Looks like he paid you Good money ‘ you go to Hell

  6. Shachi Rana

    Shame on you Danny Gaekwad……. who are you comparing this thug we have in the White House. Kahan Modi ji or kahan ye chor. This thug is not for you or me but for himself….. the fraud has continued his cavalier behavior even after being infected with the virus and so many deaths in such a great country as US which we have adopted as our homeland now.

    • Inder Dan Ratnu

      Dear Suchi Rana, This is a very trying time for India. We are facing almost an existential threat from China as she has assembled more than 60000 strong soldiers and deployed nuclear bombers and nuclear missiles on the northern and norther eastern Chinese border.India as a nation never faced such a threat -EVER.Chinese are waiting only for one thing i.e. the much awaited removal of president Trump through election on Nov.3.They on their part are trying their best to this end .But Trump has not been defeated by any one so far.Nor will he be in this election , particularly if we Indians whole heartedly support him.We do need a reliable friend like president Trump.You should consider Danny’s appeal in this light and castaway all other prejudices against Trump.
      Pl go through the following website -all its links.Then only you will realize the gravity of the moment and the gravity of Danny’s appeal.

      I am writing to you from Jaipur city of India.With kind regards.
      Inder Dan Ratnu

  7. He is wrong. Most of thebindian believe in gun control and democratas.
    We want womens right to choose

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