Trump attacks Kamala Harris as a ‘monster’ and ‘communist’

Biden campaign hauls $12 million after Harris-Pence debate.

A day after Joe Biden’s presidential campaign hauled in more than $12 million around Kamala Harris’ debate with Vice President Mike Pence, his running mate urged people to vote “like your life depends on it.”

A Biden campaign official cited by Politico confirmed the one-day total, marking another watershed cash day for the already flush Democratic presidential ticket.

Harris already demonstrated she can be a major fundraising driver for the Biden campaign, the political news website said.

In the 48 hours after Biden named the California senator as his running mate, the campaign raised $48 million, averaging $1 million an hour, it noted.

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Even a housefly that landed on Pence’s head turned into a money machine for the Biden campaign after it bought the website domain “,” which redirected to its “I Will Vote” voter registration site, Politico said.

By Thursday, the campaign had already sold 35,000 of its newly branded “truth over flies” fly swatter at $10 a pop, it said.

Meanwhile, campaigning in Arizona with Biden Thursday, Harris urged residents to vote “like your life depends on it,” because, she says, “it really does.”

In their first joint appearance since their nominating convention in August, Harris introduced Biden by continuing to blast President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s “refusal to contain this virus is what has wreaked havoc on our economy,” she said.

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“Folks, I don’t know if you caught it, but the senator had a heck of a night last night,” Biden said kicking off the campaign’s “Soul of the Nation” bus tour of the state, according to the Hill.

“She’s like a younger sister. I couldn’t be prouder to run alongside such a leader with remarkable character and vision,” he added.

Meanwhile, Trump launched an attack on Harris calling her a “monster” and a “communist” in an interview with Fox Business TV. He also suggested that she would replace Biden as president within a month if he were elected.

“She’s a communist. We’re going to have a communist (as president)? She’s going to be (president), in my opinion, within a month. Look, I sit next to Joe and I looked at Joe. Joe’s not lasting two months as president.”

He referred to Harris as “this monster that was onstage with Mike Pence, who destroyed her last night, by the way”.

Trump called her performance at the debate “terrible” and said she was “nasty”.

Calling Harris “a communist” the President said she was “not a socialist, she is well beyond socialist.”

He said: “She wants to open the borders to killers, murderers and rapists to pour into the country.”

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  1. Bidhan Chandra Behera

    I wish she should win and become the next Vice president of USA.
    Please go ahead.
    All the best Kamla Harris.
    Bidhan Chandra Behera

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