Ajay Lodha, former AAPI president, succumbs to covid-19

Ajay Llodha
Ajay Llodha

Indian American physicians body creating AAPI Lodha Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Ajay Lodha, a former President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has passed away after battling covid-19 for eight months at the Cleveland Clinic.

Lodha, who died on Nov. 21 due to complications from covid-19, is survived by his wife Smita, son Amit and daughter Shweta.

Expressing shock at the death of “visionary leader” Lodha, AAPI President Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, called it as “the darkest day in AAPI history.”

“In his passing away today, I have lost a dear Friend, Mentor, and Brother. We will cherish the wonderful days we spent together. Ajay, you will live in our hearts forever. We love you. OM Shanti,” he said.

In honor of the great leader of AAPI, the largest ethnic medical organization is creating an AAPI Lodha Distinguished Service Award through “GOFUNDME.”

It is seeking donations to help make an impact and to educate members of the medical profession on current activities and new products in the medical field. Donation Link: https://events.aapiusa.org/memorial-fund/

Other senior leaders of AAPI also paid tributes to Lodha, a past president of Rajasthan Medical Alumni Associ­ation, Police Surgeon with Nassau County PBA and Director of Research De­partment at Flushing Hospital, New York.

Lodha was a former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Caritas Health Care System representing St. John’s Hospital and Mary Immaculate Hospital in New York

Born in Rajasthan, he was a graduate of RNT Medical College, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Lodha completed his Residency at the Flushing Hospital, New York. He was the founder and president of Queens Medical Services, a primary care practice with two locations serving Queens, New York since 1995 and was a partner in Hillaire and Nesconset Nursing homes.

The New York-based physician and leader, who was honored with the prestigious Ellis Island Medals of Honor in 2016, rose through the ranks of AAPI and served as the President of AAPI in 2015-16.

He was a recipient of Lawrence J. Scherr Award of Excellence for being an Outstanding Physi­cian. He has also been honored for Out­standing Contributions to Research & Hypertension Department at the Flushing Hospital, New York.

In 2008, he was bestowed with the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation Physician of the Year Award.


AAPI honors Reps. Raja Krishnamoorthi and Pramila Jayapal (May 4, 2017)

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  1. Santosh chawla

    V unfortunate,our sympathies for the family at this unbearable loss

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