Brown Book 2.0 collects 350 resumes for Biden-Harris team

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Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/White House

IMPACT’s directory of talented Indian Americans to fill key posts.

IMPACT, the leading Indian American advocacy and political action committee, has collected more than 350 resumes in its “Brown Book 2.0” for openings in the incoming Biden-Harris Administration and on Capitol Hill.

IMPACT, which raised a $10 million war chest to help Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and other Indian American in 2020 elections, first launched the “Brown Book” initiative in 2018, with nearly 250 resumes.

Of the 350 in Brown Book 2.0, 148 individuals have Master’s degrees, 118 have law degrees, 41 have MBAs, 29 have PhDs, and 77 have 10+ years of experience in government, according to a media release.

The “Brown Book” project is ongoing — staffers will be able to continue to upload their resumes and employers will continue to use it as a resource for top talent in 2021, it said.

The collection of resumes is accessible to those hiring within the Administration, on Capitol Hill, or at any advocacy organization that shares a commitment to a diverse workforce and social change.

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“The Biden-Harris Administration is taking shape, and members of our community are set to take an even more prominent place in shaping the future of our country,” said Neil Makhija, Executive Director of IMPACT.

“Our government functions best when it reflects the rich diversity of our country, but that doesn’t just mean in the elected leaders who represent us,” he said. “It also extends to the behind-the-scenes staffers who support public officials and help government agencies operate.”

“In 2020, IMPACT invested in the most extensive AAPI get out the vote effort in American history, and we are proud to see members of our community now being represented at the highest levels of government,” Makhija said.

IMPACT also expressed support for the nominations of Indian Americans Neera Tanden for Office of Management and Budget Director and Dr. Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General.

It also congratulated Sri Lankan American Rohini Kosoglu on her historic appointment as Domestic Policy Advisor to Harris.

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