Zoomerang culture and virtualization of economies — 2025

Naseem Javed

Naseem JavedA zoom virtual event is not a zoomerang culture; it is like using a phone booth once but missing call centers, switchboards, reception and entire organization with a phone system.

Most dramatic shift ever on economic behaviorism* — The zoomerang culture engaging all levels, all types of organizations and all over the world, accepting push button virtual events. Sudden quarantined isolation beamed into waves of virtual technologies creating brand new protocols and now headed towards virtualization of economies and redefining the future of work. All sounds good.

Like a tsunami of its own, Zoomerang Culture has overtaken the world of commerce, the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms of exportability and upskilling for better productivity now new global standards. Smart players can optimize to display their goods and services across 10,000 cities now a possible scenario. Study your own town and cities, against 100 other towns and cities across the world. Learn the difference. This is what business education seriously missed last decade. The real art of real ‘value-creation’ and not economies based on ‘value-manipulations’ because virtualization of economies is not some new video game rather sophisticated way to measure real growth and local grassroots prosperity for common good.

Virtualization of Economies: Eventually, virtualization will drive commerce and digitized economies, like during the last decade, when the original concepts of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism tabled perceived too difficult to comprehend by governments and major institutions now appear simple virtualization platforms and logical pathways. The hidden powers of cross-fertilization on zoomerang thinking suddenly expanded to displaying and delivery of goods and services to 200 nations and tangle 10,000 cities. The national mobilizations of SME and entrepreneurialism is a new art and deployment of tactics a new science.

Smart organizations and skilled institutions, like trade associations and chambers along with local government agencies on trade and commerce assemble under a sophisticated umbrella that works like complex living organisms on remote platforms driven with shared pulse and contents. This will be a major shift on century old rules of ‘corporate communications discipline’ and ‘human resources management’ and ‘global-exportability and event management’. This is revolutionary thinking hidden in contents, designs, value-propositions and speed to continuously advance like a mobile lab in progress advancing in real time. This is thousand times more dramatic to periods when email invented, YouTube deployed or Netflix hatched. Now zoomerang culture mushroomed.

Current event-management-software programs have made great strides but are still at infancy, primarily IT driven advancements but lacking frontline real entrepreneurial exportability and upskilling-delivery-experiences. Major advancements already in motions, like, cutting a marquise diamond for maximum impact but in need of gemologists to differentiate between ordinary glass and gems. Futurism demands futuristic literacy.

Virtualization starts with digitized economies, where small and mid size businesses are fully digitalized; a website is not digitization, it is just a business card of a company in need for full execution of wide range stationary, signage and collateral material. A zoom virtual event is not a zoomerang culture it is like using a phone booth once but missing call centers, switchboards, reception and entire organization with a phone system. Urgently needed is a deeper understanding of zoomerang culture, to turn local business communities humming globally with trading, exporting and real value creations as a new world is opening.

Only few countries are skilled for advanced stages of Virtualization of Economies, where trade associations and local chambers are not only fully digitized but have expertise to transform each member into a global display format for global access with bouncing traffic of new leads, while all such interconnected for hyper trade and exportability. Futurism demands futuristic literacy at every stage in our digital age

Why are nations so far behind in this frontier?  Partially due to lack of global-age experiences, special combinations of skills, attitudes and pressure from big local establishments that disallow their local SME sector transforming into powerhouse engines to avoid their own dilutions. Hence, the silence on such SME debates, nation-by-nation these are serious issues but fierce technologies will eventually force the change.  The five billion connected alpha dreamers who will change the world for common good and creating local grassroots prosperity and now on zoomerang culture. Are you there?

Relentless in pursuit and authoritative in contents, Expothon is tabling a very bold agenda and starting a special high-level global series of virtual events starting mid 2021. Going forward, the virtualization of the national economies will boost vertical sectors to new heights, globalization creates new links to global exportability, therefore, grassroots prosperity and upskilled performance must adjust to absorb the new loads. Smart nations and regions can enjoy access to cutting-edge strategies and deployment ready options. Study more on Google.

A great bright future of global trade about to emerge, required are the smart global-age experts to embrace 200 nations and 10,000 cites as open global markets and produce real value and seek diversity, tolerance and equalities.

Acquisition of Mastery of your own craft is your survival guide when trapped in the future of work.

The rest is easy

Footnotes: Understanding the Last Seven Societies*— To appreciate how we suddenly liberated ourselves globally from ‘cubicle-slavery’ into ‘free-roaming-age’ observe the last major shifts. Last 120 years; there were seven major innovative economic behaviors creating distinct global societal transitions. During the Print Society in 1900, when the printed word was power, literacy was perquisite and only the privileged had access to knowledge. Why similar scenario 120 years later occurring today, futurism demands futuristic literacy. “The Radio Society made its impact after a quarter century. It brought information freely available to the air and music to tap dance on assembly line floors. The ‘voice’ created radio-personalities with opinions and opinion leadership became noticeable. There were five other major societies.  TV Society brought live action dramas, and started the colorful consumerism. Telecom Society shorthanded distance and created standardization. The Computer Society created miniaturization and a sense of accuracy. The Cyber Society brought the world to the desk and started the diffusion between work and other lifestyles. We just left the Click Society, which brought the world into our pockets and seriously disrupted the traditional work model. “Excerpted Source: Sunrise, Day One, Year 2000. By Naseem Javed, book, lectures and articles published 1995” 

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. www.expothon.com. He can be connected via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naseemjaved.)



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