TiE University hosting Global Pitch Competition and Business Hackathon

TiE university hackathon

The last date to registration for the hackathon is March 7.

What is it that every fresh graduate dreams of?

Many dream of a program tailor-made for them that guides and enables them to build an entrepreneurial career. However, in today’s world, which works increasingly on networking and a high competitive streak that leaves little room for error, it may be challenging, even intimidating for a newbie to begin charting an entrepreneurial journey.

The newly launched TiE University helps new and potential entrepreneurs to enhance their college learning with mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs, through bootcamps, workshops, internships, and networking. It also connects them to funding sources.

TiE University is a project of TiE Global. TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is a network of entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professionals with roots in the Indus region in South Asia.

The registration for the hackathon is currently underway and ends on March 7.

The hackathon runs through March 28, 2021, and it aims to provide many incentives for students and recent graduates (who were affected by Covid-19) including global internship opportunities, workshops and boot camps, global employment opportunities besides a chance to win cash prizes worth $15,000.

More information on the program can be found at: www.tieuniversity.org.

The hackathon will help students to solve business problems articulated by global corporations. The 3-day event is preceded by mentoring and workshops. During the three days, teams work on problem statements and come up with innovative solutions. The hackathon, while checking the problem solving and technical skills of the students, also creates a platform for them to learn from peers, collaborate with teams from other countries and also get the visibility required to garner summer internships at participating companies. It is also a potential fast track to landing job opportunities.

As part of the hackathon, every chapter of TiE will be hosting entrepreneurship webinars and technical boot camps.

“Our collective mission to build the next generation of entrepreneurs,” said Dr. Paul Lopez, a co-chair of the TiE Global University initiative who has been running a college outreach program at TiE Atlanta for several years. “The energy of university students to enhance the world around them is infectious and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them as they aspire to become entrepreneurs.  After all, the TiE University program is a living legacy — some of these awesome students will become the TiE charter members of the next decades.”

“Being a first-generation entrepreneur, I understand the importance of mentoring, coaching and networking for a start-up,” said Ravi Puli, founder and chair of the program at the TiE Washington, DC, chapter and co-chair of the global program. “I feel the TiE University is a great program for all college students and recent graduates from 2019 and 2020 to get free coaching, mentoring and access to the network of entrepreneurs from the global network of TiE in 14 countries and 60 chapters.”

Under the TiE University program, students can find investors, advisors, co-founders and collaborators for their business ideas. There are also cash and other prizes at local chapters and global competition worth $100,000.

On the easy accessibility of the program, Puli explains, “Every student will either work for a company or start his business from the college days or soon after graduation or at some point in life. Both the programs are completely free to participate in and can be joined in from anywhere in the world.”

Keeping up with the signs of the times, everything has been kept virtual, so every student regardless of their physical location is encouraged to participate.

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