Indian American Aruna Miller raises $230,000 for another potential congressional run

Maryland Del. Aruna Miller
Aruna Miller greeting a supporter on the election night in Gaithersburg, MD, on June 26, 2018.

A former Maryland State Delegate, Aruna Miller will run if the incumbent and old rival David Trone decides to run for governor.

Aruna Miller, an Indian American civil engineer who has worked for 25 years in Maryland to ease traffic congestion and improve public safety, raised $229,276 in the first quarter of 2021 for another potential congressional run.

The majority of Democrat Miller’s donations came from her supporters in Maryland, according to her campaign’s first report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Miller, a former Maryland State Delegate (Legislative District 15, 2010-2019) does not accept any corporate PAC money, according to a press release from her campaign.

Miller had run from Maryland’s open 6th Congressional District in 2018, but lost the Democratic primary to the eventual winner, Rep. David Trone.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support locally and nationally. If Maryland’s 6th Congressional District seat opens up, I will run a campaign that speaks to the needs of our constituents and that helps build a more just and inclusive nation, one that works for all of us,” said Miller.

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Since early 2021, Miller has been organizing and raising money to launch a campaign for MD-06 should Trone decide to run for a different office, the release said.

The congressman is reportedly considering running for governor in 2022.

In 2018, Miller came in second in a field of eight candidates in the Democratic primary for MD-06. She raised the most funds from individual donors and won Montgomery County, the largest portion of the District.

Maryland’s 6th Congressional District includes the northwestern part of Montgomery County, Frederick City, and includes all of Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties.

Miller, who represented Legislative District 15 for nine years in Maryland State assembly, focused her legislation on the needs of working families, STEM education, survivors of domestic abuse, environmental protection, and union and employee rights, the release said.

Miller has worked for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation for 25 years to implement solutions to ease traffic congestion and improve public safety.

After the failed congressional bid, she briefly served as the executive director of of the Indian American Impact Project and the Indian American Impact Fund.

Miller and her husband have lived in Montgomery County for more than 30 years, raised three children, a few dogs, and care for her mother who resides with them in Darnestown, Maryland.


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 Aruna Miller raised nearly $863,000 for congressional race in 2017


  1. Sai Dinesh

    Aruna is a super elected official. Her office always responds to calls. Regardless of party affiliation, she helped the people across the state of Maryland. She truly is the kind of representation that is needed in Congress (versus the current Congressman who bought the seat for $30 million dollars).

    Aruna is a champion for ordinary citizens who need the government to work for them.

  2. Aruna Miller Fan

    Hardworking, honest dedicated public servant. I have worked directly with Aruna over the years on many issues. She is thoughtful, smart, and gets things done. Her constituents love her. She is truly a beautiful person in the public space for all the right reasons.

  3. Maryland Citizen

    Aruna Miller has been an exemplary representative for Maryland. As a representative of the Indian American community in politics, she is equally exemplary. As a representative, she enjoys wide support from the entire community both Indian and non-Indian alike. During the COVID pandemic, she spent her days working with faith-based groups and community leaders delivering food to those in need. As an Indian American she brought awareness to the concerns of the community by pushing school systems to provide cultural awareness and recognition of South Asian holidays. She led the way for the first sitting Governor to travel to India on a trade mission.

  4. Maryland_desi

    Aruna Miller served Maryland Desi community by
    1 Travelling to India at the expense of Taxpayers hard earned dollars and signing some papers Come on someone pointed out some sixty million dollars were brought in because if her ! Not a dime is seen neither any new job was created to serve local Desi community here.
    2. Her own constituency suffered very hard during COVID.. She served the community so we’ll that no one seen her for any positive help such as people getting evicted no computer for remote learning. She just sat in her own cozy nest and watched
    3. Oh yes she really served local people by remaining silent regarding terrible road conditions at some areas of her own districts.

    All of these facts proves that she just another typical hypocrite politician who deserved to be and as happened did not get nomination for the congress from Democrats and they rightly chose the candidate. So those of you got bribed from her keep your f mouth shut.

  5. Maryland Resident

    Aruna Miller has been an effective legislator not only for the Indian American community but all Marylanders. Immediately upon her election she worked with then Governor Martin O’Malley to initiate a trade trip to Indian, making O’Malley the first sitting Governor to do so.

    Her service to the Indian community and the citizens of Maryland is too long to list in a comment. But she is the real deal.

  6. There are multiple examples where Aruna has helped the South Asian & Indian community. Unfortunately trolls on the internet for politicians who live in anonymity. I worked with Aruna in Maryland, specifically on ensuring Asian Americans could compete fairly for contracts.

    Read the facts:
    Starting with encouraging and getting the commitment for the first Governor of Maryland to travel to India. This trip brought back over sixty million dollars in new trade deals that benefited Maryland and India.
    She sponsored bills to recognize Diwali as a holiday,
    Supported EID equality to recognize EID as a holiday in the local school system for Maryland’s Muslim Community (many of whom are South Asian)
    She a founding member of Maryland’s first Asian Caucus
    She worked with the Governor to ensure that Asian Americans had equal opportunity to participate in Maryland Contracts
    She worked as a State Official interfacing with the University of Maryland to push for Asian representation on the board of regions.

    Aruna is the kind of candidate that Maryland (as well as the Indian Community) needs in Congress.

    I could go on but you can follow Aruna on Twitter or Facebook

    You can support her at

  7. Miller is well and favorably know in Montgomery County and throughout the 6th Congressional District. In the Maryland House of Delegates, she was a leader on women’s issues and common sense gun control. She would be an excellent member of the U.S. House of Representatives for all Marylanders and all Americans, not just one ethnic group, as it should be. If she hadn’t been outspent by a self-financing multi-millionaire opponent in the 2018 Primary, she would already be in the House. She deserves all our support.

  8. localdesi_maryland

    We will never vote for her. She made several false promises to local indian community in Montgomery county in Maryland regarding job opportunities and welfare for indian community and did nothing. She is a liar and opportunist sucker.

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