Indians seek travel companions for parents coming via Mexico

Mexico City International Airport
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Unable to travel to India due to Covid, many consider inviting their parents to US.

As more Indians look at Mexico as a possible transit route to travel to the US during the ongoing Covid related travel ban from India, some are considering this route for their parents too.

After some of those who were stuck in India, shared their successful transit back to the US via Mexico, a few are now getting encouraged to invite their parents from India through the same route.

However, given the fact that in the current situation one needs to stay at least 14 days in Mexico before entering the US, the language barriers and food choices are some of the matters of concern for those wanting to fly their parents through Mexico.

To make it easier for them, many Indians are now looking at travel companions who can travel together to give each other company during this long journey to the US.

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Neha Verma, who is in her third trimester says, “I haven’t been to India in three years now. Our plan was to travel last summer but pandemic changed things. This year, the situation in India is even worse.”

“Also I am not in a state to travel so I want my parents to be by my side,” she says. “They are fully vaccinated and have traveled to the US, multiple times all by themselves.”

“But when it comes to staying in Mexico for two weeks, they are getting a little jittery so I began looking among my friends and acquaintances if anybody they know or someone else’ parents are taking the same route. Having company would just help them calm a little bit.”

Verma is not the only one looking for travel companions for aging parents who may not be as used to multiple transits during the Covid travel ban.

Gaurav Kalra who runs the popular Facebook group, Indian Expats in USA, confirms that for the past few days, he’s been inundated with requests from members wanting to know more about the route.

So much so that Kalra had to create a sub group where members could ask, share and offer to help each other going through similar experiences.

On whether it is advisable for Indians to take this longer route to avert the travel ban Kalra says, “There is nothing about it, which is illegal.”

“The travel requirement is that anyone who is entering the US, must not have spent the last 14 days in India, which is the Covid red zone right now. So by spending 14 days in Mexico you are actually eligible to enter the US.”

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On why some may be looking for these desperate measures, Kalra says, “Well, the presidential proclamation has no end date. People have jobs to keep, family matters that require immediate attention and other emergency needs, hence they may be looking at alternate ways.”

“Also, last year, when some travel restrictions were put due to Covid, it took them more than a year to be taken out. Certainly people cannot be expected to wait that long or for an indefinite period.”

Many travel groups are now seeing members coming forward to help each other.

Nishant Jain, who traveled from India to Chicago, says, “I could come directly as I have an exemption, but I am happy to counsel anyone or their parents who are looking at traveling.”

Since most aging parents are not very comfortable with multiple transits and asking for essential services like RT-PCR required to fly back to the US, many are also ready to alter their plans by a day or two to accommodate someone’s parents to travel with them.

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