Covaxin: The best vaccine you can’t get

Image credit: Bharat Biotech

Recently published results of the phase 3 clinical trial for Covaxin shows that it is 93% effective in preventing serious disease.

By Craig Snyder

The recently published results of the phase 3 clinical trial for the Covid-19 candidate vaccine, Covaxin, are an astounding blessing for the world — a world in which more people have died from Covid in the first half of 2021 than in all of 2020, with the most dangerous variants so far ravaging the large swaths of humanity where vaccination rates are mostly less than 1%.

Here are key facts about Covaxin, now fully established:

  1. Covaxin is 93% effective in preventing serious disease.
  1. Compared to other publicly available data it shows the best neutralization titers against variants of concern, Delta and Beta, and even out performs on those measures compared with people previously infected with the original COVID-19 strain.
  1. It has an unsurpassed safety profile. With nearly 7,000,000 patients dosed to date, there is no evidence of the rare side effects or complications associated with other vaccines, including facial paralysis, blood clots and heart inflammation.
  1. In the phase 3 study, in addition to showing no sign of serious adverse events, neither did Covaxin make it’s recipients feel sick or miss work after being dosed. More specifically, Covaxin’s adverse events were NO GREATER THAN the placebo group.
  1. Covaxin is the easiest vaccine for transport and storage. It is ideal for stockpiling, with up to three months stability at room temperature and a two-year shelf-life. As such, Covaxin can solve much of the accessibility and waste issues associated with the attempts at distribution of the existing vaccines, particularly in the developing world.

For all of these reasons, Covaxin is the best Covid vaccine Americans can’t (yet) get.

Covaxin’s now fully demonstrated efficacy, and it’s basis on time tested manufacturing processes, used for decades for routine childhood vaccines like polio, means it is the best tool to address the hesitancy of millions of Americans with respect to the MNRA vaccines and a potentially crucial tool for the mass immunization of humanity, outside the few already highly vaccinated countries. That is, in turn, the best protection the already vaccinated can have from the potential emergence of new variants which could continue to erode, or even fully escape from, the protection currently offered by the MRNA vaccines.

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Also, because of its basis on the same platform historically used to manufacture childhood vaccines, Covaxin is also likely to prove to be the answer to how to vaccinate America’s younger children, many millions of who are still today being deprived of normal social interactions and prevented, behind masks, from seeing the smiles of their friends.

Covaxin is a modern medical miracle. Developed by the brilliant scientific community in India, while making use of a critical new technology component developed in the United States (with taxpayer funds from the National Institutes of Health), this de facto joint product of the world’s largest democracy and its oldest and wealthiest, must surely not be treated by the Biden Administration as too late to matter in the pandemic, but rather should be seen as arriving just in time to materially help truly end the pandemic in the US and on a global scale.

(*Snyder is President and CEO of Indigo Global Corporation. He is a registered federal lobbyist for Ocugen, the US company holding the exclusive license to develop, distribute and manufacture Covaxin in the US and Canada. This opinion column is intended solely to express Snyder’s personal views.)


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  1. Jainendra Jain

    Please do your own research though on whether it’s indeed for you and whether it will protect you again all varients, Please don’t take my words for it as I am not a doctor or a scientist. Only you are responsible for deciding whether it’s the right choice, no one else is responsible. I wish you well.

  2. Jainendra Jain

    Mr Doctor, respectfully, please do your own research or read all other comments to determine why a non mRNA vaccine is a better bet. Covaxin uses a tried and tested ( over many decades ) technology that covers all variants of Covid. Also visit websites like Forbidden Knowledge and there listen to top scientists like Dr Tenpenny and many others with decades of experience on what Spike Proteins do you your body long term, why they are killers.
    mRNA vaccines are made for massive and recurring profits into trillions of dollars. Covaxin costs like $3 dollars ( they are free in India ). India also distributed tens of millions of these free around the globe. So there is not a whole lot of profits for anyone. It’s also good for over 2 years unused. Where as the mRNA is not so there is another layer of profits that these mega RNA vaccine companies keep reselling to us government. Right now 150 million unused mRNA vaccines are sitting unused unused yet paid for and have to be thrown away, making our government re buy them. Another beautiful profit making way is to re vaccines with different variant. Another progot making layer is to now vaccinate kids!! I spoke to many friends and so many have horror story of deaths a.d permanent damage to their many friends. By wiping out all info about alternative vaccines And technologies, government and large companies have prevented discussion on role of Spike Protein ( mRNA) Vaccines!! What a game of life and death!!!

  3. COVAXIN is totally Indian vaccine with no real support from US NIH don’t fall for there crappy credit taking endeavours they infact tried to block the reuired ingredients during critical period and Vaccine needs lots of ingredients from many places and countries so no ingrdients provider country cannot claim that it is developed with their help. Since ingrdients were purchased with commercial deals but no R & D was done inhouse by INDIA only. so stop claiming it to be jointly developed and take free credit for it. It is purelydeveloped by INDIA only.

  4. David Kowalski

    The US is pushing mRNA vaccine because it’s a product designed to maximize profits while at the same time controlling the health of population by allowing weak to die. mRNA are designed to work on a very specific virus type that allows them to keep producing $70 shots that allows the virus to keep living on and mutating. This way we can get $70 shots up to 12 times a year without getting rid of the money making virus!

  5. It’s disgusting to me that our FDA denied Covaxin before all the paperwork was even filed here in the States. The fact that our government wants mRNA in us so badly that they’ll deny a much more effective and safe vaccine should cause everyone to stop and think for a second.
    Majority of us so called anti vaxxers arent against vaccines at all, we are against mRNA. Guarantee the way to get us that haven’t been vaccinated, vaccinated is to offer us Covaxin or something similar. What’s scary is that they know this yet refuse to let us have it cuz they seem to want mRNA in us for some reason.

  6. I really wish this was available in the US. Why are all the vaccine options here either unproven MRNA or viral vector vaccines? Vaccine technologies with serious side effects. Someone is making $$ somewhere off of this. Inactivated virus vaccines have been the standard for decades. I would have NO problem taking Covaxin. Make it available in the US!!

    • You expressed my feelings exactly. How can we find out and be on some kind of list about how to be able to have access to this vaccine in the US

      • Please can we have covixin in south africa.. I’m not anti Vax I do not want Mrna any where near me or any other human

      • Jainendra Jain

        A panel of 8 Indian scientists had already decided and shared in Lancet the British medical journal internationally the reality of Covid in March or April of 2021 but Fauchi balked, calling it misinformation and had it withdrawn from lancet, only now he admitted that march article was actually correct!!!
        Either he is illiterate or the profits must always come first.
        Another interview on capital Hill I seem to remember watching an interview when one of the senators asked him something like that ” did Fauchi think 40-50% of CDC staff did not take the mRNA vaccine, Fauchi said yes!!!! Could it be that CDC scientists know something you and I don’t!!!

    • I fully agree! I’m not an anti vaxxer, I’m anti mRNA. I’d happily take Covaxin!

    • I agree. I am also waiting on this one too. I think alot of the “hold outs” would be willing to take this vaccine if we had to. We don’t want to take something that goes into every single cell. This doesn’t. My guess is that no one is sitting on any of this company’s board of directors and therefore can’t make any money. Its always about lining someone’s pocket…

  7. When Biden asked – “what are you waiting for?”, he clearly missed so many Americans’ asking for a non-mRNA choice. Especially when we have a couple of better performers. It is possible that the administration is not aware of it as I haven’t seen anyone raising it. Should we make a petition? It sounds like a very good idea.

  8. I don’t trust the FDA American approved vaccines and there are millions here in America who don’t trust the United States of America government so when they said the vaccines here are safe to take we the people gets curious why the politicians pushing these vaccines so much .I rather to take Covaxin .Phizer sent a bad Bach of vax to Jamaica just think how many bad shipments went out into people bodies. Covaxin I’m waiting.

  9. I’m being forced to get vaccinated and had been holding out for covaxin in USA. I’m so disappointed.

    • Me, too. I am looking for any kind of trip to somewhere in the world to get this vaccine after it gets WHO approval. I am facing losing my career of 29 years.

      • This is the first I’ve heard of this one; I have been watching Novavax which unfortunately keeps getting delayed in the US. I’ll be reading more and watching this one, yeah, I do billing for a hospital and labeled a health care worker, ten years in so this mandate coming ahead is quite heartbreaking—

    • The rna vaccines changes the energy pattern (Image) of the human spirit and once changed God cannot absorb you back into Himself once dead so He must cast you into the outer darkness to the left of Himself.

    • The rna vaccines changes the energy pattern (Image) of the human spirit and once changed God cannot absorb you back into Himself once dead so He must cast you into the outer darkness to the left of Himself. ‐———–

    • There is no way for you to be “forced”….

    • Visit India, you can get it for free. I just got mine 48 hours ago. I had no side effects at all. There was a little pain at the site of the injection but it was way less than the pain I have felt after a heavy workout. No side effects, inactivated virus, it is the safest and most effective vaccine in the world, developed by Indian geniuses.

  10. Vishal Yadav

    Can covaxin cause covid
    Is inactivated virus dangerous?
    Does covaxin harm immune system since its whole virus and it can attack own system

  11. Way to go Indian science. Covaxin appears to be the solution the world is looking for not those 1234567 killer mRNA and viral vector 1234.
    India, use you economic clout and future status to insist that N. American and European countries offer your Covaxin as an option to their citizens. Apparently it is the only true vaccine that is available in the world to date.

  12. Henry Nguyen

    San Diego California here. I would pay to be vaccinated with Covaxin. I don’t care if its not FDA approved yet. I truly believe that Covaxin is the safest for me and my family. I don’t want to be forced to take an mRNA vaccine.
    I will not be getting vaccinated till Covaxin is available.

    • Hi Henry, I am curious why you think it is best. Do you have more insights other than what is stated in the article. I would like to know. Please elaborate.

      • Henry Nguyen

        Covaxin is a vaccine that is made by Bharat Biotech. The same company that made the polio vaccine. which is also what kids have to get when they started public schools. So this is not some BS company, they been doing this for a very long time and know what they are doing. They use whole inactive virus to make the vaccine. while the other MRNA vaccine use only the spike protein which don’t always work with new variants. Please go to they are partners with Bharat Biotech. You will see all the facts about Covaxin and how it is better than any MRNA vaccine. Ocugen is a company that is trying to bring Covaxin to America. I hope they do it soon cause America need it.

      • Henry Nguyen

        Think of vaccines as keys to a car. MRNA vaccines uses spike protein to make their vaccine so its like a key that only works with RED cars. Then you would need booster shots to work on Green cars and so on. Covaxin is made from whole inactive virus, so its like a Master key that would work on any color car.
        For more facts please check out a US company that is trying to get this best vaccine to America, OCUGEN

    • Drive down to Mexico it is legal there.

      • Where exactly? Don’t you need to get a plane to Guadalajara or central Mexico- there are coloborations btw USA Mexico – Mexico got all vaccines and covaxin is the the 1 for covid

    • I completely agree with you Henry!

  13. We have taken the jabs, and felt happy as the side effects were minimal, like the local injected place pain for about one night. From next day just like normal human being. The effect looks good but I have no capacity to move out with out mask as my age is above 63.

  14. N C Anantha Krishna

    We have taken covishield. Is it okay ?

  15. Vinod chopra lahori gate kapurthala pb.

    I & my second half got the both jabs of covaxin we have no side effects . Its non to second

  16. Me and my parents taking covaxin there was no side effects. Thanks for all…

  17. Has anyone whoever want to get jab of Covaxin try to get reports which shows 93% effective. Is it another fake article to promote Covaxin?

  18. WaitingforCovaxin

    Doublemasker; very heartening to read your comments which I parrot exactly. I wonder how many more Americans are as frustrated as we are? The abortion connection is a deal-breaker for many thousands of Americans who want a vaccine, and when the FDA recently rejected the EUA for Covaxin I just shook my head. The recent positive Phase III returns on Covaxin appear to strengthen the overall position of this vaccine. How much longer must we wait?!

  19. I took both doses of Covaxin. No side effect except local pain on the injection side.

  20. Kshitij Jain

    Covaxin is the only vaccine which use inactivated coronavirus ,that means it will fight all variants of corona..since it use dead corona virus therfore no side effect…it have used old models of polio vaccine methodology which us tried and tested…only non mRNA vaccine…all mRNA vaccines are just spike proteins ..therfore they can be useful for some variants not fir every variant

  21. Covaxin is lifesafer for many India with very high l3vel efficiency and less amount of side effects compare to any other vaxin in the world. Many thanks to Indian scientists and research team.

  22. Everyone young and old in our family taken COVAXIN, with no side-efftets.

  23. Zero side effects, best efficiency

  24. doublemasker

    Not everyone who isn’t yet vaccinated is vaccine adverse or cavalier. Many have real concerns about the ones available to Americans.
    We’ve followed the ups and downs of Covaxin news for months and really hoped it would be available by now. It uses proven vaccine technology, does not use still experimental mRNA, and most importantly for us, has 0 connection in any stage of its development with fetal cell lines.
    It has been so thoroughly vetted, we would be willing at this point to participate in a stateside trial. Hoping the hurdles to its approval here can be quickly overcome. Meanwhile, we double mask and wait.

    • Excellent quality. No pain or other side effects.

    • the whole truth

      I share your sentiments exactly, except that I don’t wear a mask unless required. I would rather let my own immune system deal with this, or any other, illness. I am confident that I can get through this illness with no problems using the various remedies that are available. These flu shots are not vaccines, and I am only considering it because it is required by my employer and I need to be able to pay my bills and feed my family. Covaxin offers the “lesser of evils” choice that I might develop a serious side effect and leave my children and wife helpless.

  25. suba prakash

    yes, well said and a person came forward to say it loud and clear (no side effects) thank you Craig synder

    • Mister Doctor

      Craig Snyder is himself involved in the distribution and manufacturing of Covaxin in US and Canada

      That’s like getting assurance from McDonalds that Burgers don’t make u fat

      What else do u expect from this guy? He will say whatever it takes to get Covaxin to US so he can earn profits

      • And you? What do you have to say against Covaxin?
        People should have the freedom to choose whichever Vaccine they feel comfortable to let it into their bodies.
        Anything wrong with people choosing what is best for them?

      • how can he manufacture and distribute a vaccine which is not approved by US?

  26. Jim Simspon

    Sorry, NVAX is better.

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