70-year-old Indian woman travels solo to US via Mexico

Mexico City International AirportDelhi based lady proves that where there is a will there is a way

Many elderly Indians shudder at the thought of traveling alone to the US given the long distance and language barrier. But Kumari A. (name withheld on request), a 70-year-old Delhi based lady, has proved that where there is a will there is a way.

Kumari wanted to be with her daughter in the US, but she knew that traveling to the US on her visitor or  duB1/B 2 visaring Covid-19 related travel restrictions would be a challenge.

However, her daughter back in the US needed her and with no end in sight to the presidential Proclamation, she decided to travel alone to the US via a third country and chose Mexico City to spend 15 days before entering the US.

The American Bazaar has broken down her suggestions and experiences under categories for others to get insights and help.

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No transit visa needed
On her journey, Kumari says, “I travelled through Air France via Paris. When I was talking to people, they also suggested that flying by Lufthansa via Frankfurt was another good option. Remember a transit visa is not required at both airports. I wasted quite a bit of time looking for it.”

Documents needed at Delhi airport
You will need a FMM Mexico Tourist Card. Just fill it online and take a print out. Some sites offer it for $30, but it’s free of cost on the Mexico government website. You will need proof of hotel stay in Mexico, valid B1/B2 visa and RT-PCR test report.

Documents at Frankfurt airport
RT-PCR test report, Mexico Health Card – this will be filled online an hour before boarding. The QR code is put on a pillar near the boarding gate which can be scanned on your phone.

Documents at Mexico airport
A valid US visa, flight tickets to US, airline will give you an immigration card, fill it up and show it along with your passport at Mexico immigration desk.

Stay at Mexico City
Kumari says, “I stayed at Hyatt House. A lot of Indians were staying there and in the nearby hotels. Continental breakfast is complimentary and Indian food can be ordered locally from places such as one called Loncheria Suvai.

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“They deliver through Uber and WhatsApp you a daily menu which is full of choices. Those who wish to cook can order Indian groceries. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be ordered through UberEats who will deliver to your hotel.”

Covid-19 test for US Entry
“ABC Medico Hospital arranged for my antigen test, which is valid for entry into the US. Covid tests can also be done at Mexico City airport and some other services also provide the service at your hotel room.

US immigration
“At US immigration you will be asked questions like purpose of visit, where you are coming from and how long you plan to stay. In the end I would say traveling via Mexico is a good option and it is safe, fine and great. Mexicans are very hospitable and courteous.”


  1. Ambadas Kulkarni

    Respected Sir
    We ( myself with spouse ) want to stay with my grand son in CA USA for 4 months We do have US visa
    In view of covid restrictions how can I travel via Mexico ie the rems and conditions and compmete itinerary icludung quarantine at your resort etc Kindly favor me with details with cost there of and when can we plan travel Thankung you

  2. Ambadas Kulkarni

    Respected sir
    we ( myself and my spouse age 71&66 ) want to visit my daughter in USA via Mexico in view of covid restrictions on entry of Indians
    I shall be highly obliged if will please complete itinerary from Mumbai to SFO via Mexico with mandatory stay there
    Thanking you

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