Rising Covid cases make Mexico less attractive for travel to the US

Mexico City International AirportIndians looking for other transit hubs with cases shooting up in Cancun and Los Cabos

In the past two months hundreds of Indians must have chosen to fly into the US through Mexico. With the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions barring entry of many visa holders traveling from India to the US, a lot of Indians resorted to travel via a third country that has not been recognized as an active Covid concern after spending 14 days there.

However, after months of Indians making Mexican cities like Cancun a tourist hub, now things are beginning to change. As Covid cases see a rise in Cancun, Indians are already considering other destinations to travel through to reach the US.

Neha Verma who is currently in India on an H-4 visa says, “We had a family emergency and by the time we could think of my travel back, the restrictions came about.”

“Now while I still could try the National Interest Exception route, I want to take along my dad. but we are not sure if he would be granted an exception on a visitor visa.

“We were thinking about Mexico but the rising Covid cases are making me nervous for my toddler and my 80 plus dad. At the suggestion of a few friends in the US, we are now looking at other destinations,” Verma says.

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As reported by the American Bazaar earlier, a lot of Indians are looking at Doha in Qatar for its easy regulations for traveling during these times.

The reason why interest in Mexico has dipped a bit is also because there are fears that with rising cases in Cancun what if the US imposes restrictions on travel from Mexico leaving elderly stranded.

Manoj Jha says, “I am based in the US and my parents have been planning to travel for two years now. The pandemic upset the plans and now that both of them are fully vaccinated, we would like to have them with us here in the US as its been too long a family separation.

“We were interested in flying them via Dubai as that is a familiar route for them but looks like that option is not open for the moment so we are looking at other destinations in Middle East like Doha. We are just checking the tickets before it gets too late and prices get shot up.”

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According to reports since Mexico had no restrictions on travelers, the cases have now shot up with Cancun and Los Cabos showing a steep rise.

And even though Indians have quickly built up a network including Indian food and grocery availability that made traveling easy for elderly from India, looks like for the moment there is a reservation towards traveling through Mexico.

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