Indian Americans hold candlelight vigils for 13 fallen US soldiers

Courtesy: Dr. Jayasree Nair (Twitter)

Coming from India, a victim of terrorism, the community urges the US to take strong action against terrorists

Indian Americans across the United States held candlelight vigils Sunday in honor of 13 US troops killed in a suicide attack near Kabul Airport as their remains arrived at Dover Air Force Base.

A small group of about 20 Indian-Americans gathered at the reflecting pond in front of the US Capitol for the vigil to mourn their loss and urge the Biden administration to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Candle light vigils were also held in 25 cities including Atlanta, Boston, Columbus, Connecticut, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Jersey City, Los Angeles, New York, Ohio and San Francisco.

Dozens of community members gathered in remembrance and prayer, as many came to show their support to those needing comfort because their loved ones will never be able to make it home.

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Several people were holding flowers, placards, flags and pictures of the fallen members in Houston, Texas. A few members of the Afghan-American community also joined the vigil.

“We have gathered here to mourn the loss of our fallen soldiers in Kabul,” community activist Adapa Prasad said. “This is a heinous act of terrorism. Coming from India, which has been a victim of terrorism, we urge the US government to take strong action against all those involved in terrorism.”

“The will of the terrorists is not greater than the will of the good people of India, America, Israel and indeed the world,” said Dr. Surinder Kaul and Achalesh Amar, national coordinators of the vigil.

“That’s why we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder, supporting one another, and united by our shared values and commitment to defeating terrorism,” the Houston, Texas-based activists said.

“The Indian-American community stands with the families of the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan, who made the supreme sacrifice for the country in the line of duty. They will never be forgotten”, they added.

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“The whole world denounces the cowardly ISIS attack on US. marines who were peacefully evacuating Afghan people, and the world should remain united to fight this menace once for all,” said community members in Washington, DC.

At the vigil held at Times Square, New York, Indian Americans Mukesh Modi and Krishna Reddy said, “This was an act of terror, an act of pure evil. We must be firm in the face of evil and terror.”

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