NCAIA presents Anurag Kumar Distinguished Service Award

NCAIA (HQ-VA) vice chairman Dr. Yogendra Gupta reading a plaque before presenting it to the outgoing Minister for Community Affairs at the Embassy of India Anurag Kumar (third from right) at a farewell event in Manassas, VA. Also seen are NCAIA (HQ-VA) chairman Sunil Singh (right), president Nayna Desai (second from right) and Sambhu Banik (left).

Washington area-based community organizations host farewell reception for outgoing Minister for Community Affairs

By Tannistha Ganguly

The Washington area-based National Council of Asian Indian Associations (NCAIA HQ-VA) has presented its Distinguished Service Award to Anurag Kumar, outgoing Minister for Community Affairs at the Embassy of India.

Kumar, who was posted to Washington in 2018, was presented the award at a farewell reception hosted by NCAIA  in Manassas, VA, on Sunday.

A number of top embassy officials and community leaders from the area attended the event, held at at Hilton Garden’s Lake Terrace and Ballroom.

“Directly or indirectly, you have always brought laurels to India,” Kumar said thanking his hosts. “You basically have a sense of achievement and honor to the people of India and you represent the very best of India.”

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“Your continued association with the motherland, that is something which is of great value,” he said noting “All of you have done well in your respective professions and careers.”

“India is a country of diversity, we have different religions, languages, different cultures and everything. And those things are equally and well represented in the United States of America,” Kumar noted.

Previously Kumar has served as Joint Director IB in New Delhi.

Speakers included NCAIA president Nayna Desai, its chairman Sunil Singh, the organization’s senior adviser Sambhu Banik, and community leaders Sant Gupta and Satish Korpe.

Dr. Jaydeep Nair, Minister (Consular), Dr. Dhananjay Tiwari Counselor (Science &Technology), Vinayak Chauhan, Naresh Kumar, First Secretary (Visa) were among the other embassy officials who attended the event.

Meenal Singh served as the MC of the event and Sashi Agarwal delivered the vote of thanks.

Coordinated by Dr. Alok Shrivastava, the event was supported by other Indian community organizations in the Greater Washington, DC, area.

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  1. so someone dropped a bronze whatchamacallit award-shwarad out of theirazzz and then they decided to rope in this unsuspecting dude to kinda just give to him for no reason huh??? WTF is up with that Desis people!!

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