Will new cabinet get Canada ready for action?

Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; image via Facebook

With the highest educated diverse population, Canada can become a powerhouse in global trade.

The term action: It had better not be an election promise. Meritocracy will have to do the job, the speed will finish on time and great mindsets assembly will achieve extraordinary milestones. Welcome to the new cadre of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The new Cabinet for extraordinary times called for extraordinary actions.

The urgency: Right now, post pandemic economies of the world are on real live tactical battlefields facing harsh realities, challenging academic theories and insta-print-currency-based, make-feel-good abstract economies. After all, answers hidden in national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as new pragmatic thinking is emerging. Canada has an unlimited potential, unfortunately, the term “unlimited” faced a very limited mindset to just play in our own backyard, read newspapers but critically missed studying the world maps and its vastness of business opportunities.

The revival: Midsize business economy needs rebirth, without a doubt, all ministers combined from finance, commerce, trade, and small-medium businesses economy, across the world openly supporting small midsize businesses and anxious to create entrepreneurial mindset economies. These sentiments also globally shared by all trade groups plus frontline economic development agencies. So what is stopping real action on national mobilization? All is possible, as all is available via global access and technology bouncing with Canadian models and talents. So how do you discover such hotspots, where do you find the right mindsets and activate mobilization?

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

The global-age upskilling: Post-pandemic recovery takes no prisoners. Therefore, it is about time for all rolled-up theories and shelved ideas to come into live action; deliver fast or get off the stage. Mobilization plans must organize and optimize hidden talents, identify entrepreneurial citizenry, place midsize high-potential businesses on digital platforms of innovative excellence and connect with unlimited resources. Absence of such synchronization will keep us dangerously stuck on idle. Now such maneuvers are not a rocket-science for an entrepreneurial mindset. They only become by-products of national leadership in action. So, who will do this, and will the new cabinet allow this?

Bold and authoritative narratives should connect the missing links and bring thought leadership under a giant umbrella, producing digitized large-scale national actionable plans. Of course, critically needed are the front line upskilling and lifelong learning as a national agenda. Such deployments are not new funding dependent as they are mobilization hungry and execution starved. So what is next?

Is Canada Ready? A new globalization is coming our way. To go global in trade, to carve pathways and open gateways takes time; Silk Road took centuries, Belt and Roads, CPEC, is now taking decades. Canada, during the last couple decades, missed out. Nevertheless, technology and the global landscape has come around to embrace Canadian-style digital platform economies. Canada is ready for national mobilization of entrepreneurialism via digital platforms of innovative excellence and exportability. Missing are the deployment-ready-programs based on specific solutions on uplifting local untapped entrepreneurial talents, women entrepreneurs and innovative exportability for the wide open consuming world of some 200 countries. Where do you start, and what to do today? Canada is the top global brand. Its citizens are respected around the world, and our credibility and respectability is worth noticing. With the highest educated diverse population, Canada can become a global star in global trade.

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Scattered across Canada, the rich fertile land has successfully held proven massive numbers of locally developed enterprises, big, small, young and old, successful family businesses, and many new and next generation entrepreneurs ready to carry the legacy forward. Small businesses always become large by expanding middle management. What is critically required to create SME to shift towards midsize operations and midsize operations to shift towards large and global businesses? Why are the critical starting points, debates and discussions needed?

The missing links:  Why is there so much disconnect between entrepreneurial thinking and bureaucratic thinking? Has the world of education, certification, and occupation divided us? Have the organizational structures slotted us so wrongly? Have the populace fragmented us? And now our combined talents and productive mindsets are all going astray.  Why is technology confronting us on mindset issues, forcing us to stand up together to face post-pandemic recovery to deliver real productivity results? Can we review factors and try to come together towards rapid progress, fix and advance?

As an overview, across the world, people always struggle hard to acquire special skills and qualifications to pursue their desired goals, some end up as job seekers and some as job creators, but both types equally work hard, build economies, and create prosperity. However, it is extremely important to face this fact; “Job-Seekers” help build an organization while “Job-Creators” develop the real cause to create that organization in the first place. Study what the last 100 earth shattering entrepreneurs across the world did or observe some 100 small and medium businesses right in your own backyards, on exactly what they are doing.

As the post-pandemic recovery world morphs towards entrepreneurialism, this critical difference of mindsets now demands deeper understanding among the economic development leadership of nations and their multi-layered complexities of their management teams. After all bureaucracies and economic growth agencies are primarily highly-qualified job seekers themselves, but now facing establishing a “job-creator” economic thinking, therefore facing a new national agenda as if a chess game, where moving pieces randomly is not the game, strategic command on movement of each piece is victory. The brutality of the message now exposed as wide-open global debate because post pandemic recovery will take no prisoners.

Elections and re-elections, cabinets and new cabinets will not create new mindsets. Critical thinking, bold and new narratives to face grass roots prosperity challenges will help all issues and bring global climate issues in perspective. There is no business like small business; become an expert and study more on Google how Expothon is tabling ideas and gaining global attention.

To start national mobilization of entrepreneurialism across selected regions, deploy some 1,000 to 2,000 small medium businesses on uplifting local regions, via upskilling on innovative excellence, exportability and global age entrepreneurial expansion, a national agenda, mandate and allow experts to lay out authoritative game plans with immediately deployment ready solutions. Missing is the assembly of mindsets with proven and authoritative mindsets to uplift traditional models and layout global-age programs. The rest is easy.

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. www.expothon.com. He can be connected via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naseemjaved.)

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  1. Anthony Florendo

    Post pandemic recovery will require a new way of thinking which, incidentally, will also expose the lack of, or a weakness, in innovative thinking among the current crop of world leadership. Is this the dawning of “entreprenucracy”?

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