WHO-compliant International Travel Certificate available on India’s CoWIN app

CoWIN enables a feature where fully vaccinated persons can download the foreign travel certificate

For Indian Americans looking to invite their families and relatives into the United States, there has been a constant anxiety about various health-related documents and certificates that are required to carry with them during the Covid-19 times.

While online immigration groups are always abuzz with conversations on which documents to carry while traveling abroad from India, a new feature introduced by CoWIN, an Indian government portal for Covid vaccination registration, makes it easier for travelers to download an “International Travel Certificate.”

The certificate complies with the World Health Organization’s digital recording of Covid certifications for discovery of vaccination status data.

The United States lifted travel restrictions for visa holders from India and other countries on November 8. However, travelers need full proof of vaccination records to enable their entry into the US.

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Here is a step by step guide on how to download an International Travel Certificate from CoWIN:

Open the CoWIN application on the mobile phone of the registered person

On clicking the login button, you will be prompted to provide the registered mobile number and an OTP will be sent to log in

On the profile page, there is an option called “Download International Certificate.” Be sure to click on it. Keep in mind that there is an option to “Download Certificate” as well. So do not get confused.

Once you have selected the option to download an international certificate you will be asked to re-enter your date of birth and your passport number.

Now you will see a notification that your request for an international certificate has been successfully submitted.

Now log in to your CoWIN account again and click on Download International Certificate tab once more. You will see your certificate on it.

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The International CoWIN certificate includes important details that are relevant to immigration authorities such as – Passport Number, Vaccine Name, Date of vaccination, batch number of vaccine, WHO approval number, location of vaccination.

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