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Dr. Suresh Reddy becomes president of Indian American Medical Association, Illinois

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Dr. Reddy’s main goal is to revitalize local chapters of the organization of Indian origin medical fraternity

Dr. Suresh Reddy, an Indian American neuro interventional radiologist and a past president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), has assumed charge as the president of Indian American Medical Association, Illinois.

“I would like to stand on the top of shoulders of 39 Past Presidents so I can see farther,” said Dr. Reddy as he took charge during a colorful ceremony held in Oakbrook, Illinois on Nov. 13.

“As the president, one of my main goals is to revitalize local chapters that are the backbone for the national organization; help make the local chapters financially viable as funds have dwindled due to pharma support; and to bring in younger physicians into the fold,” he said.

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The ceremony was attended among others by Consul General of India in Chicago, Amit Kumar, US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Illinois State representative Deanne Mazzochi, Dr. Ranga Reddy, past president of AAPI and Dr. Satheesh Kathula, secretary of AAPI, according to a media release.

Crediting his track record of almost six years as a foot soldier in IAMA, as it has laid the foundation for the upcoming year, Dr Reddy outlined his theme: “Ask what you can do for IAMA, and not IAMA can do for you.”

Dr. Reddy’s new executive committee: Dr. Piyush Vyas, president; Dr. Radhika Chimata, secretary; Dr. Dilip Shah, secretary-elect; Dr. Meher Medavaram, treasurer; Dr. Rajeev Kumar, treasurer-elect. The new committee chairs include Drs. Aparna Natarajan, Srilatha Gundala, Tapan Parikh, and Neetha Dhananjaya.

Dr. Reddy was educated, trained, and board certified in neuro-radiology, interventional radiology and interventional neuro-radiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts,

He has served as the chief of interventional neuroradiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and on faculty at Harvard Medical School for almost a decade.

Dr. Reddy has been involved in the highly specialized techniques and art of treating aneurysms and strokes in the brain. He is also extensively trained to perform complex procedures in the most inaccessible regions of the spine.

Author of many international medical journal articles, Dr. Reddy has traveled extensively, giving specialty lectures on the complex procedures that he does.

Active in teaching and mentoring many medical students and residents, Dr. Reddy has received numerous teaching and mentoring awards. He is a four-time recipient of “Faculty award for excellence in teaching” awarded by the Harvard medical students and residents.

Dr. Reddy MD, MHM (Health Management and Policy) completed his medical education in India at Kakatiya/Osmania Medical Colleges, before immigrating to the United States.

He currently serves as the chief of radiology at Hines Medical Center, and associate professor of radiology at Loyola Medical Center in Chicago.

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Dr. Reddy resides in the Chicago area with his wife Leela and son Rohun. He is currently a Trustee of the Village of Oak Brook, Lead of chiefs of radiology for the states of Illinois and Wisconsin Veterans Administration.

IAMA-IL is a non-profit organization comprised of Illinois physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students of Indian origin.

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