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In campaign style speech Nikki Haley touts her role at UN

Nikki HaleyIndian American Republican leader becomes first woman to receive a key award from a US military college

Amid speculation she’s gearing up for a potential presidential run in 2024, Nikki Haley, first Indian American to get cabinet rank in a presidential administration has touted her time representing the US at the United Nations.

Haley, who served as UN ambassador under former President Donald Trump, claimed during a speech in her home state of South Carolina Thursday night that she established a reputation for the US as one of strength.

Former South Carolina Governor Haley, made the remarks in what the Hill described as a “campaign-style speech” while accepting the Nathan Hale Patriot Award from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

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She is the first woman to receive the honor from The Citadel, one of six senior military colleges in the United States.

“The countries I dealt with aren’t used to the way we do things down here,” Haley was quoted as saying. “They’re used to talking about things. But we know talk is cheap. We believe in actions — and getting things done.”

“And the US had gotten used to an America that abstained, apologized and abandoned our values,” she said. “So, I introduced them to the America I know. A strong America. A proud America. An America that never backs down, always shows up, and takes names.”

She also hammered President Joe Biden, saying he and Democrats in Washington are “leading the greatest nation in history toward ruin” and are the “socialist party.”

“They’re crippling our economy, crushing our families, endangering our streets, erasing our borders and withdrawing from the world,” she said

“Haley, in a potential effort to nail down early support for a 2024 bid, has already issued a slew of endorsements in midterm elections across the country,” the Hill said.

“Her speech in South Carolina Thursday is also notable given the state’s crucial primary race in presidential years,” the Washington newspaper focusing on politics and policy suggested.

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“We’ll win back Congress in 2022. We’ll win back the country in 2024. And make no mistake, we will win the fight for America’s future,” she was quoted as saying.

Haley has a wide network of donors, and a presidential campaign would likely draw eyeballs across the country, the Hill noted. However, her path to the nomination could be complicated, it said noting in early polls of potential 2024 contenders show her significantly trailing people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and former Vice President Mike Pence.

The Hill suggested it’s also possible that a Haley 2024 bid will not even get off the ground as she has previously said that she would not run if former president Donald Trump were to take a third shot at the White House.

While Trump has increasingly suggested he could run again, her criticism of Trump after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots though toned down later, could be an issue for Republican grassroots that remains overwhelmingly loyal to Trump, it said.


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